Welcome to the 12.12 Gateway of 2017 ~ my sense is as we move into this period of time leading towards December Solstice (21/12) this will be a highly charged Galactic time where many will start to have conscious contact and experiences which will expand their awareness of self and their connection to the stars.

12/12 of 2015 was my opening which completely change my way of living, thinking and BEing, although it really was a part of my life since very early age.

2015 saw many massive changes in my life and it was then that I was ready to expand further to be able to share my story and experiences in hope that it will assist others reawaken to their own galactic heritage and also restore their knowledge of who they truly are and why they have come here to Earth at this time.

Since childhood, ‘Aliens’, ‘Extraterrestrials’ was a pretty common thing in my upbringing, I was doing school assignments to note the difference races, who was who in the cosmic universe, hybrid children, contact with advanced intelligent life was quite a ‘normal’ thing for me.

However, it is quite a limited view compared to what I understand now. What has assisted is the many great people have shared their perspective and experiences, which has helped expand our collective understanding.

Looking back, I was having huge amount of contact as a child. I would experience things like:

Going to bed and having the sensation that I was being watch, and the unshakable feeling as though I was going to be taken out of my window during the night time.

When this would happen I would hear a frequency sound which would place me into a trance like state then my vision would start spinning. Everything would start to morph in the room appearing larger and smaller until I would ‘fall asleep.’

Sleepwalking would be nightly occurrence and strange phenomena as I would wake up and be walking outside in the middle of the night, or wake up in the morning with objects moved about in the room. Always found it odd and just put it down that I had been active in my sleep again. These types of thing I would never question until much later and seeing them from a whole different perspective.

There wasn’t a great deal of memories of what occured, it was what I call ‘blank slated’ as to not startle or overwhelm the individual before the time is right. I think that it’s important to note that as people who identify as ‘starseeds.’ Starseeds are people who feel ‘different’ to our society, they have incarnated into this world from other star systems, galaxies, dimensions of a higher frequency to help with Earth’s Ascension process as they have gone through this process before in different places, and have the ability to assist others who haven’t gone through this process before.

I know from my experience there was a great deal of preparation and assistance throughout various stages of my life from my star family to prepare me for my sacred mission and to continue adjusting my frequency as I went through life. Most of these memories were wiped until the time was right. The reason being was that I did have quite a large amount of fear connected with having contact, as my memory still dealing with the amnesia it would have created a large amount of shock before my consciousness had expanded in able to understand without the filters of fear.

So why the fear? The fear comes through various ways. One part comes from our social conditioning and how we view these types of experience from what we see through movies and mainstream media which portray these types of contact. As it is highly glamorized and exaggerated for entertainment purposes as it also makes people highly fearful as part of the 3D matrix game, which keeps people in their unconscious ways of living. The other part comes from the unknown, as with everything in life unknown experiences always give us this uncertainty as we are unsure what to expect, what may happen or how we will respond. It’s very much part of our condition and programming which is necessary to be reshaped and reformatted.

Just like anything in life, the more experience the more we become accustomed to these types of galactic visitations/experiences, the less we fear and embrace this new reality. We become more sensitive in nature and open up to understanding things from much higher levels. I laughed recently at a quote which stated “as a child I was terrified that I would be abducted by Aliens, as an Adult I beg for them to come and take me.” In honestly some days I really related with that as it can be challenging to live in a world where there is still so much fear and stigma around these types of topics. Lots of judgement and labeling in our society who doesn’t understand. Hence the reason for this article as I hope through a series of articles and sharings of my experiences will help spark the remembrance within others and to help liberate others to come out of their space closet and openly share and discuss their connection and contact stories to help change the game in society. Since 2012 and even more in 2015 many people have had their quick and rapid galactic ‘wake up alarm clock’ go off and have been experiencing all type of contact and having memories return.

My sense is that this will continue on a much larger scale so that the balance can be tipped and we restore our place in the universe with our star families who are working around the clock with us to bring the balance and peace back to our beloved Gaia.

Through openly sharing my experiences with people over the years, has been open to such a wide range or reactions, yet for the most part quite positive and I have seen how it has opened so many more people up to share things which they were before fearful to talk about as they felt they would be outcast or ridiculed. It’s given them as sense of peace and normalised what they thought was ‘the unspoken’ topic and helped them embrace their connection and facilitate with their purpose and mission. For the smaller percent I have had some adverse reactions, as I have witnessed it reshape something in their consciousness that they weren’t ready for and they have abruptly left my life. However I am a big believer in the power of planting the seed for when they are ready. As we constantly go through more frequency shifts within our lives the people around us reflect that as some come in and out, some out for good and others are in for the long haul.

Are you reading this because it’s time for you to start openly speaking more and express yourself in authentic ways from the experience you have held which could help assist others around you, who are about to embark on their awakening and journey to reconnect with their galactic heritage?

Written by Alisha Braché