Dear Beloved Tribe of Divine Counterparts,

I felt strongly to get this message out quickly as we are rapidly approaching the New Moon and Equinox as this is such a pivotal Gateway for Earth’s Ascension process and also those in Divine Partnership who have come forward to help with this Evolution of Humanity.

This is what I have been experiencing and understanding and hoping this awareness can assist others who have also being going through a similar process. The insight which came forward was for those who are moving close to physical union are in the process of clearing some of the deep core wounds in preparation for the Equinox Gateway on the 22/23 September.

These past few days I have experienced some very deep emotions arise which really stem back to the core wounds I had brought forward into this lifetime to shift and transform.

I have been chipping away at these for years and was sure that they had completely cleared, so surprised I was that they arouse with such a vengeance – yet so very different.

For years I have so quickly been able to identify the emotion and trace it back to it’s core for transformation. Yet to my surprise I seemed baffled and confused as to ‘what is going on?’ ‘I don’t understand.’ And most surprising, ‘I don’t know what I am feeling.’ This was my first clue to check in ‘is this mine?’ As Twins we know we are highly in tune with our Divine Counterparts Energies, Thoughts & Emotions. So this time was absolutely no exception, however this was different, I felt as though I was embodying the energy field of my Divine Counterpart.

I was guided to go into my healing space and work through my energy body clearing out these lower level emotions and the HOLY SHIFT and transformation has been absolutely mind blowing! This process has opened up and unfolded over several days and below is just a brief summary of the key points which came through for transformation.

Day 1 – Feminine Side (Mother ancestral linage)

Day 2 – Masculine Side (Father ancestral linage)

Day 3 – Confusion & loss of identity (Death of the Ego)

Day 4 – Feelings of abandonment & unworthiness

Day 5 – Integration & Surrender

Possibly the most uncomfortable five days so far along this entire journey. All the RAGE, ANGER, SADNESS – absolutely everything which is not in alignment with higher frequency came up for evaluation! It was quite amazing once having the insight of ‘what was happening’ to work through it consciously and so quickly. Having this deeper knowing that all this had to shift before moving fully through this Equinox Gateway!

Once the intensity subsided and moving out the other side of such HUGE shifts I moved into a another level of awareness. What was shifting was not solely mine or my Divine Counterparts, yet it was the ‘Third Template’ of our Energies combined which was part of our agreement to bring into this final lifetime together to transform all the density of the 3rd dimensional template of accumulated Earth experiences and then release it through our bodies and transform that third template into the 5th dimensional template!

This third energy template is connected within the Earth Grids and is a massive part of our dimensional shift. I can see how powerful this is as it affects the collective as a whole. Each Divine Partnership can work through this ‘third energy’ template on the individual level this moves mountains all at once for the collective!

This shifting of the old third template into the new fifth dimensional template is the final phase before Harmonised Union to occur in the physical is what I was shown for the next big wave of reunions waiting in the wings, it allows the space for the other Divine Counterpart to open to the new state of consciousness and once that door opens…. They will have the full capacity to rise into their power and strength easily and effortlessly which will be amazing to watch it all unfold. ~ “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

I have taken this new awareness into my Twin Flames Energy Alignment session as I know how important this process is for the collective – I have also been guided to place these session on Sale for a period of time to make it more accessible for more people. As part of aligning to the original template of the energy bodies of each Counterpart. Which has been absolutely incredible to witness these transformations occur, I am in awe and admiration how going through these steep learning curves myself enable me to share more and hold greater space for others on their paths that is what makes it all worth while as my greatest joy is that of personal transformation and Divine Unions come together.

On a final note I want to express my deep gratitude for all of you who have been going through this process and as it has been one of the greatest paths of transformation, self mastery which no doubt has taken you to the depths of your core and back again. At times it felt that it was all too much and you wanted to give up, but you chose to come and serve because you knew that you were full capable of this and so much more as most of the heavy work has been accomplished and we can all enjoy the fruits of our labour, the sweetness of unity and the greatest love of all Earthly lifetimes  ~ Sending you all so much love and gratitude for every single one of you as we have all played our part to co-create this beautiful New World!

Written by Alisha Braché