One of the most common aspects of walking the Divine Partnership Journey is the sense of impatience and wanting everything NOW! I feel as though things would magically change if it would all just line up and fall into place. It could be a knowing, vision or awareness of what life would or could be like…. And quite possibly will be… But it’s so important not to miss out on the golden nuggets or gems, which are being offered to you each step of the way.

Transforming through the process of Ascension is a massive deal.  It simply leaves no stone unturned in the process of becoming your own self-master, and the best version of yourself. To do this we have to undo all the ‘human stuff’ by that I mean the wounds, the traumas, the limited belief systems, the judgements, the labels… I think you get it!

We are releasing this lifetime, other lifetimes, and deep ancestral experiences, conditioning and emotions. And both you and your twin flame are doing this – not just you! Your counterpart is also going through this process, even though at times it may not seem like it to you, they are! In their own ways, and their process could be the complete opposite of yours.

If you have been through the ‘Dark Night of the Soul” once or twice or maybe more, you will understand that it’s not pretty, and it’s certainly not pretty to be around someone else experiencing that, or most of all, watching someone you love so deeply go through that, knowing that you can’t help them. Because it’s a process that they have to go through for their own soul growth.

What I have observed, is when we go through this process which we call the Dark Night of the Soul, it’s an intense process of releasing energy which can present in a few different ways.

It feels like we are completely disconnected from Source, Guides and our Higher Self, which of course, is never the case. Yet in that moment, it’s like the Higher Self steps out temporarily so that we can go through this. Your Higher Self is never gone, it just feels like it as it steps back a little. Our frequency drops and we don’t really have the connection or the foresight that we generally would. As hard as it is in this moment, it’s where the most healing and soul growth comes.

This is where so many people get frustrated and confused, when dancing the cosmic dance of divine partnership. People think they are dealing with two versions, or split personalities.

I giggled to myself when this became clear and helped me understand the process even more.

My way of looking at Ascension, is the process of clearing out so we can embody our higher self in the flesh suit, Divine Partnership acts as a catalyst to make this possible.

Each time we come into contact whether that be in physical, communication or energy it sparks a remembrance of awakening within each one. We can go into the ‘bliss bubble’ ‘heart explosion’ and‘ pure love’ and once this has happened generally this is followed by a dip, a fall, a dark night of the soul. The process repeats as many times as it needs to so we can fully awaken and embody our higher self. There is no time frame for this, and well…time is an illusion anyway. Yet each pair will have their own time frame and cannot be measured against anyone else’s journey.

In addition to measuring up against other journeys, this is such an important aspect to consider, even though there are commonalities amongst ‘the journey’ they are all specifically designed for each soul’s development and lessons. So much criticism can be thrown around by unsolicited advice from outsiders, even in spiritual communities.

Projections are a massive one, as we all have our own filters of perception made up of our experiences, BS Belief systems and what our ‘truths’ are. This doesn’t mean it is someone else ‘truth’ This takes a huge amount of self-awareness not to do, and even then it will still filter through in some ways.

What I love and what fascinates me about my work is literally learning something new every day, smashing my own BS and perception daily, and with every client who I work with. To be able to put my thoughts and feelings aside and listen wholeheartedly to understand and learn something new. I feel this gives me huge scope to try to place all the millions of pieces together to understand things from a bigger perspective. Which is something I love to do! And that does change, or not necessarily changes, yet it opens up to be viewed vaster and wider, the further we move through this paradigm shift.

What I once thought from my rigid views of “that’s not a twin flame because XY&Z” I now practice the wisdom of “I don’t know”.  I can have my intuitive thoughts, but ultimately it’s really no benefit to “know all the answers”.  Knowing all the answers typically means coming from an Ego state, rather than the soul state, which has endless possibilities. What is most important, is to see where the person is at and how I can best assist them in what they are facing right NOW. How they can grow and evolve and as that happens, perhaps not straight away, things align and fall into place and more often than not, bigger, better and more magical than we could have ever perceived before.

Twins certainly turn our lives upside down and back again a few times over. So can other connections too! That’s’ why it can be such an illusive journey to understand.

One theory of mine, for quite some time, is that we have very similar frequency matches in partners. Which can ‘seem very twin-like they come in and teach us very important lessons and when the soul contract is done or lessons are learnt they will exit. Some might linger around. Yes, there are many names for these people, yet ultimately they are all acts of love when viewed from a higher perspective, because they teach us valuable things about ourselves. I sometimes refer to these relationships as spiral relationships. Moving through the upward spiral to our rightful place or where our soul is seeking.

Therefore they do have very similar twin likenesses, traits and personality types. Because their energy is similar, yet not the exact frequency match. Possibly because we need to adjust, and move through different stages before our first encounter or possibly in the middle of the journey.

I can only speak from personal experience when I talk about these things as I know that I encountered a number of twin potentials in my time spanning over a few decades.

Each one I knew very strongly that we had shared a past life together and we needed to bring that or those experiences to full completion. The funniest thing is that I had connected with my counterpart during this process, and it actually took me years to realise who he was to me. When the download hit me, I was in shock to say the least, yet I was also a little annoyed “I am the psychic” I should have known this “he as in front of my face this whole time?”

The truth is, it was only revealed to me in the most perfect and exact moment, not a second too soon. Why? Very simple I wouldn’t have done all the things I needed to do, if I had known from day one I would have gone straight to the treasure chest or X marks the spot. That wouldn’t have taken me around the garden path ten times over. Yet I needed to have different growth and experiences that wouldn’t have been offered by my counterpart. And in hindsight I needed to work my resistance muscles to prepare me for the ‘crazy, beautiful, insane’ ride that was about to unfold.

So in conclusion I always say it doesn’t really matter if they are “twin flame” “soulmate” “karmic” You are still in the ever-unfolding journey of a life plan that YOU wrote for YOU!

Getting in touch with your inner world will awaken the remembrance of the script, and will give you the understanding of the next steps, of what to do in the moment.

Each relationship, connection and experience is vital for our soul growth, including the good, the bad, the ugly and the perfect ones.

If you are going through a process, and perhaps who you ‘thought was your one and only” isn’t, knowing this is a journey, makes it not as crushing as it is. If you truly feel that you are on the Divine Partnership journey then you most certainly are. If that chapter has ended, all it means is the next chapter is about to begin. However that looks, it could still be your twin flame – with some extra plot twists!  Or it could be someone else, and focusing on developing yourself through this experience, is the most delicious profound joy that you can experience in a lifetime.

So even if you think that you want, deserve or your life would be better off right now with a counterpart in it, think again! Are you and them in the most refined version of self? Maybe in moments or for periods of time, but completely stabilized?

I have observed through my own connection moments of high intensity, profound love and appreciation which feel as though we are both in a timeless state of a completely different dimension. And also times when it just feels very normal like two friends or colleagues working together and sharing ideas, glances and laughter, not to mention debates and triggerfests.

It’s all part and parcel as we are all working on creating a new template of relationships into this beautiful planet, and raising the frequency through our individual and collective experiences. Divine Partnership plays such an important role and beautiful aspect of the bigger picture. One which we are all navigating and working towards as we move forward.

We are always given exactly what we need in each moment, not always what our mind thinks it wants, or what is best for us.

The 5D connection with a counterpart is beautiful profound and otherworldly, the real challenges come when trying to get that connection working in the physical, to find balance and harmony.

Why? Because we are doing what we know…. 5D relationships aren’t designed to fit into 3D templates. So through our hard knocks, plot twists and transformations, we are constructing something very new and different (well at least something that hasn’t been like this on earth for thousands of years).

So not living together, not being in ‘union’, not married, living in different parts of the world and all that good stuff which is so often the challenges in Divine Partnership. These are the things to overcome to create this 5D template. And for some, this may look very different in the sense of having a different type of relationship connection than a romantic one. Many happily married couples may encounter a twin connection. This could be their helping hand to push them further along their Ascension path as the soul had chosen. If you are happy, then just like the song “Love the one you are with!”

In conclusion, be in the moment, be present, and allow patience to be your friend, the future is already written, be conscious through the process and take each lesson, experience and soul expansion to a place of understanding because no doubt it’s through these experience that you will take will you and the story you’re writing which will be shared in some way, one day to pass on the wisdom and knowledge to empower someone else.

Written by Alisha Braché