From my perspective and work, I am very privileged to have quite an incredible birds eye view perspective and insight into the dynamics of Divine Partnership pairs, through my own life experience, through my clients and through reading the collective field. Having said that I always say with every bit of information take what helps, what resonates with you at the time AND leave the rest, it might come back and make more sense at a later date.

Recently states of consciousness, levels of awareness and perspective keep coming to my own attention. I truly believe that as we go through the stages of our own Ascension journey we transcend different states of beliefs and perspectives around situations. This message came through during a session and I felt really compelled to write and share.

This process of Twin Flame Journey or what I prefer to call Divine Partnership is one of many Ascension pathways. So what does that mean? My understanding is that Ascension is being able to go through a massive transformation of a higher embodiment of integrating our higher self and higher dimensional aspects within the physical body ultimately becoming our own self-master. This is no small feat, it requires a whole lot of growth, healing, forgiveness, recognition and deeper levels of understanding of yourself and the other.

In actual fact the Ascension process is when we graduate from our 3D experience, so in saying that, no doubt it would be at the time which you encounter a twin is the last lifetime in a 3D experience. You have decided to assist one another in going through the graduation process together. Who better to go through this process than the person who knows you best, on a soul level, who knows your strengths, weaknesses, the great love you hold, your triggers and the areas where you can go through the most growth and expansion?
From the soul perspective, it’s really quite clear, straight forwards and makes perfect sense. The ‘complication’ comes in when we get into our human suit and forget ‘the plan’ and the agreement already set. The journey back is the process of remembering and reawakening who we are and what we have come here to do.

So let’s break it down and look at the potential different stages of the process of the Divine Partnership experience simply based on the level of consciousness that we hold. And how we progress and transcend through different states of consciousness. First off I would like to point out that my understanding of moving through the Ascension progress starts with an experience that then triggers a deeper level of awareness, as this higher level of consciousness starts to filter through it makes way to allow our body to then filter and access higher levels of energy and higher states of embodiment of our higher selves energetically. Therefore keeping this in mind as we go through this process there is much that goes through the clearing, releasing, purging and purification to be able to hold this new state of energy and being.

3D level of consciousness and experience:

This is a very physical, conventional life experience that we all more or less have a taste of within our lives, some much more than others, as no doubt many of us have come through with a higher level of awareness since day one in this lifetime. This is the level where we are operating from the lower three chakras (Base/Sacral/Solar Plexus) which is very much focused on basic survival needs, living ‘conventional lives’ Our main focus tends to be around working, meeting our material needs, finding a partner, starting a family, paying our bills and being the ‘good citizen’ and our primary focus are to enhance our career, further, our success, build a good life for our families, put our kids into a good education, holidays and so on. This phase has very little focus on anything other than the physical, external world. This can be a good and happy life for most people, as there is so much joy which can be experienced within the 3D world…

Then something happens, generally, an event occurs that breaks the foundations of this life we have been living and it can rock the very foundations which all the 3D life experience has been built upon, this is when we start to seek to understand the greater meaning to life and our role within this experience. The exit out of the 3D matrix.

4D level of consciousness and experience:

This part is the most in-depth and this is the transition, the rainbow bridge, the in-between phase of most growth and learning as we move out of 3D and path our way into the 5D experience. There are many different experiences that can be the catalyst to move into the 4D consciousness & experience. This is the transition where we move more into the Heart space and start operating from the Heart Chakra, yet to be able to fully engage there sometimes it can require quite a bit of work to operate from this place. I see the Heart Chakra as the halfway point the Gateway between the lower and higher states of consciousness and energy embodiment. Most certainly this can be the most ‘painful’ stage as in most cases it is pain & trauma that cracks the heart wide open. Through this, we can become more loving, kind and compassionate beings. It’s the unravelling of the illusion that can cause the most confused and disturbed experiences designed as our ‘tests’ or ‘initiations’ to move through them heal and have a deeper level of experience, knowledge and then embodied wisdom.

Some of the catalyst experiences which can lead us into this transition can be, a combination of many or all and certainly not limited to:

Meeting/connecting with our Divine Counterpart/Twin – possibly not consciously straight away, yet from the initial contact it will start to activate the energy and awareness within one another

Near Death Experience (NDE) where you either have a very close brush with death or physically die, leave the body and decide to come back. Every person who has an NDE is significantly impacted and changed after this experience of reconnecting with source energy and then coming back with that memory into the harsh density of 3D reality

Kundalini Awakening/Activation – where the energy of the chakras align to light up and the serpent energy (Ida & Pingala) rises from the base through the energy column (Sushumna) into the third eye/crown which then activates and stimulates the pineal gland and turns on our ability to see & experience different dimensional realities and access higher levels of consciousness

Trauma in various forms – the death of a loved one, divorce ending of a long-term relationship, loss of job, career or business along with other material possessions house, money car etc. Illness or sickness ~ quite often this part of the process that many of us will experience some if not all of ~ as this allows us to see life beyond birth and death, that it’s just a transition, and things which we have an attachment to are removed so that we can see that we can survive without them or find other things much more meaningful.

Now this is where we start to unravel and rewire our conditioning & programming (mental aspect) expose and heal our wounds and traumas (emotional aspect) and in the physical heal lots of ‘karmic’ issues which just requires bringing things back into balance. Therefore this can be lots of encounters with different people, and different soul connections to really embody such deep learning.

The Divine Partnership journey, this is the most ‘painful’ yet most transformative phase where we go through the most monumental growth phase and quite often this phase is done individually and where the physical ‘separation’ can occur. It’s probably good to point out at this stage that both will go through this just in their own unique ways. It’s very easy to be pointing fingers when we are going through various stages of healing and our wounds are very raw and say “he is doing these terrible things” or “She has done the unthinkable or unforgivable” yes in some cases this is the whole point! I remember one point in my journey feeling as though how could I possibly overcome what seemed the most unforgivable act, I remember the voice of my higher self saying well yes “this is the ultimate test.” to move beyond this and back into a space of unconditional love, “so what are you going to do? How are you going to move beyond this?”

It absolutely is possible as this is the most profound turning point, as you start to move beyond this phase you hit a very deep state of surrender ‘once again’ and start to remove energetic layers of limitations of perception, really pondering the ‘why?’

Really asking yourself “Why am I experiencing this? “What am I learning?” and most importantly “how are you using this learning to move forward?”

This can be where we start to move beyond the 4D consciousness and embodiment process and certainly, a very important and deep process that possibly is easier to move through with a guide or healer to be able to gain perspective, a facilitator to hold the space as you transform.

I often say that I wouldn’t have made it through without the support of my soul family, it was crucial for my process to have support, and as I moved through, it was important for me to assist more people through that space. Now I certainly can’t remove the ‘suffering’ as in some cases that’s a necessary part of our growth that we need to experience to evolve, however, support guidance and context to what is happening is absolutely invaluable. Through my own experience and working with my energy abilities the offerings of my Programs and Services were born (you can see below for more information.)

In this phase of the 4D transition so many insights, experiences and revelations will appear and the shock of moving out of the illusion become less and less. We then start to move into the higher states of consciousness and energy embodiment working with the 5D template and through this process, we are assisting the planet going through this transition.

5D level of consciousness and experience:

Life becomes more beautiful as well as our experiences

This is where we are operating more from the higher chakras (throat, third-eye & crown) and the other chakras as more clear and refined. The energy flows clearly and easily as we have shed the many layers of density that our energy held from its 3D souljourn

Our inner work of healing becomes more apparent in our outer reality as manifestation starts to quicken and life becomes very magical

We can look back and see that everything that was presented along the way was a gift

We honour our own ‘hero’s journey and look at how far we have come and how much we have grown

We understand how everything has its place, and see beyond the ‘good’ ‘bad’ ‘light’ ‘dark’ ‘good vs evil dialogue’ as we see that everything is just an experience and has provided a place of learning

The focus becomes more in a space of unity consciousness as we start to see our essence within everything and everyone – as we move out of ‘me’ to ‘we’ seeing that we are all working towards a common goal

The Divine Partnership journey takes on a new perspective as we see how it impacts the greater divine plan, we are less focused on the outcome of our romantic fantasies and see how the connection is beyond powerful and has the ability to create magic in many ways

We are able to relax a little and have a deep sense of knowing that all have a time and place and that things will align as they are meant to and we release the need to ‘control’ and become ‘ok in the great mystery of the unfolding’

Our Soul Mission really takes a forward focus point and we are driven from a place of inspiration, divine guidance and motivation to contribute towards our world being more harmonious and this too impacts the world not only in a physical sense, yet also energetically

We embody many aspects of ourselves as our integration unfolds we switch on the many gifts and talents that have been stored within our very essence of our being, we become the healers, the peacekeepers, the artists, the musicians and all the amazing embodied wisdom is shared for all to enjoy

Enevidably this is what many refer to as the ‘illumination phase’ where both can come together after a massive phase of clearing and integration of our higher self stabilized within us and we can then also harmonised within our connection and move forward to the shared mission, shining our light and collaborate with the gifts and wisdom which has come through this hero’s journey of our own Ascension

As always it’s important to remember that no matter where you are at in your current process, you are exactly where you need to be, wherever your counterpart is at in their journey is exactly where they need to be. Everything is always perfect, no matter how it looks or feels, it’s all just a matter of our perception and level of consciousness that we are operating from at any moment. As this path is not a straight line, it’s an ongoing spiral with great depth and soul advancement to be able to take us to the place and become the person we really are and live from that highest soul expression.

Written by Alisha Braché