I was awoken very early hours of the morning on June 13 2017, to hear “The Twin Flame Grids have now been completed!” I always pay attention when I hear something like this what seems to be out of nowhere. I had been guided for months to pay attention to this date 13/6/17 as something very significant would take place but not been given any more details.

The full moon in which has just past which was so significant to those who are walking this twin flame journey, it created a shifting to a whole new level as we pass though this passageway into the Solstice which marks a pivotal turning point for those who have gone through this very sacred journey.

When asking for more insight to what it actually meant, I was show the most beautiful image and the transmission came through. I was shown Gaia (The Great Mother) pulsing at a much higher frequency and great pillars of light streaming from the cosmos and connecting in with the energy bodies of the twins individually as it hits their bodies it anchors into mother earth and then radiates outwards and effects all the frequency of all the people which surrounds them in a large radius. This frequency them emanates from one twin to the other where they are strategically situated all around the planet. From the heart space this high energy flows out from one twin back to the other like sending out a morse code this has been going on for quite some time and this year has been ramping up with intensity.

So as each big energy wave comes through we have been building to hold more frequencies of light increment by increment so that we can hold it with strength and self-empowerment. As many of us are currently in what we call ‘physical separation’ with our beloved this is all in the designed in the great Divine Plan so that we could be in different places around the world sitting on specific grid points and ley lines.  As we anchor and hold the frequency we send it back and forth to our twins energy body which creates the new grid around Gaia for unconditional love as everything and everyone who is between us is effected through their energy bodies and consciousness.

The physical separation in which we have been going through served us for many reasons as this twin flame dynamic and process is much larger than just our own individual journey and mission is it’s about raising this frequency to every sentient being on the planet to raise higher and higher and that is what we have just completed! SO CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO HAVE BEEN CONCIOUSLY WORKING ON THIS VERY IMPORTANT WORK!

Some feel as though they have been in a holding pattern for some time not being able to move forward all this is about to change. Now that this Grid has been completed we will start to have a lot more synchronistic event to allow our physical unions to manifest and show up! As we move past Solstice we enter into what they are calling the “Union Roll Out Phase.” This is the joyful part where we will be seeing the unions come into fruition not all at once because that would be too much for the planet however it will be few at a time and as each pair come into physical union it will trigger more pairs to come into union. Almost like a domino effect is what I have been seeing.

Gaia wasn’t ready before for this to occur but now that time has come. As each Pair reunite the energy and frequency which is held by the couple will continue to anchor higher and higher frequencies and we are getting to this massive tipping point for the collective.

Physical Separation is an absolute blessing for what we have been going through over the past few years, as we have the opportunity to shift, change and evolve out own consciousness and the emotional, mental & physical purging which comes along with that. Know that both of you agreed for it to be like this and being in union would not occur until you have gone through your initiations, lessons and self-healing first.

Those Twin Flames who are well on the journey have been doing the hard yards to path the way for smoother ride for those who will follow suit, we are the one who have had to break through all the old paradigms of distance, language, age, religion, race, colour, gender and overcome amazing odds to show the way that no matter what your faced with LOVE ALWAYS WINS!

Such a magnitude of heart felt gratitude for all those on the journey pathing the way, for all your tears, heartache, confusion and great loss. You have gone through to be rewarded with a new existence of so much more fulfilling and higher serving future to come.

Where ever you are right now on your journey congratulate yourself for the amazing work you have done all for the service to humanity. And remember that the journey always begins and ends with you. Self-love is the key!

Written by Alisha Braché