Something massive is brewing, isn’t it? We can all feel/sense some big changes in the air. Even people who aren’t sensitive to energy or who haven’t even heard of the word “Ascension” or “Twin Flame” or even “Awakening” for that matter….

So much of our lives get shaken up time and time again so that we can be stretched out of our comfort zone, twisted and contorted to transform and squeezed through into the higher light of our own truest divine essence.

Shedding the many layers of illusion and false way of thinking, being and completely existing are at times completely chaotic yet as we move through them and look back we are so eternally grateful for these catastrophic life-changing events.

Let’s face it we aren’t the same person that we were a year ago, a month, a week and sometimes even a few minutes ago…

At present the old Masculine Template seems to be crumbling and when I say this it’s not a gender it’s an energy that affects us all, of course, some more than others. With this, some would say the 3D matrix (hologram) is dissolving and think it pretty much goes hand in hand.

So with the Masculine aspects, it’s the outdated structures that seem to be falling away from the observations, especially over the past month or so. It has been very prevalent and almost under the spotlight! Some of the things that have been really noticeable themes are:

  • Anger, Rage & frustration outbursts which can last for moments or days, this has been either an internalised emotion at self in that self-sabotage ‘beating yourself up’ mentally for perceived ‘wrongdoings from the past.’ Or it can be outwardly towards other people for circumstances or situations that may have felt unfair or unjust!

  • Some very deep-set core wounds which could even stem back thousands of years since have reared and raised their ugly little head to be seen, healed, forgiven and let go once and for all.

  • Money, Finances, Stability – feeling like the rug is being pulled out from under your feet in unexpected ways, which is incredibly unsettling. I have seen an influx of lightworkers who are being pushed, tested and challenged in regards to financial matters and security. Almost the case of will you continue to push forward with your mission even when you are being challenged in extreme ways or go back to the safety of what was a 3D vocation?

  • Personal safety and home, as we send love and thoughts out to all the people around the world who are currently being faced with the threat of wild bushfires in many places around the world. It’s so hard as I have great compassion for those in this position having almost lost everything in a bushfire more than once in this lifetime.
    It seems to me as I write this going back a while ago it was the element of water and floods affecting people which is a very feminine element and now it’s the fire of the masculine. Transforming everything in its path, with the image of the Phoenix rising from the ashes and in this case I do feel this is what is preparing us for!

  • Needless to say Divine Partnerships (Twin dynamics) have massively been tested and are at the forefront of this transformation as this balancing continues to deepen. I personally and supported many clients recently through some of the most challenging phases of this journey yet.
    Ultimately to process, heal and forgive some of the hardest aspects of this journey which is begging to be healed and let go of once and for all to be able to move forward into a whole new space of relationship standards.

  • 5D Relationship template is really coming online thanks to the amazing souls whose mission is to bring this to the planet as part of the Ascension process. 2020 will really see this in full swing and it will be unimaginable to many just how long hard efforts have come into full manifestation!

Why is this all happening?

Simply stated the old must crumble, heal, clear and transform so that the new can really have a safe, steady and solid ground to build and blossom. It’s and magnificent era that we are already in the process of becoming and living in.

Just hold steady as we move through these very swiftly changing times and know that love is at the core essence of everything.

On a final note, I was guided back to an old article I wrote a few years ago and as I read through the words it was very much similar to what is transpiring now only at a much deeper level you can have a read here:

Written by Alisha Braché