As far back as I can remember I have known that I would be the witness to something great which would take place on planet Earth. One of my earlier recollections as a child, for my 9th birthday that I wanted my Astrology and Numerology chart done by a well recommended family metaphysical practitioner. At the end of the session she asked if I had any questions and my response was “What is going to happen on Earth in the future” my thoughts has always been with this transition and I have spent most of my life learning, researching and trying to understand this transition and the role I would play…

September Equinox 2015 I had just finished creating a ‘vision board’ of what I wanted to bring in for the next few years, as I finished up and got ready to go to sleep that night I was visited by an a woman in spirit who presented as an indigenous elder. This physical manifestation of spirit  was so real it caught me a little by surprise. Her Energy and presence was so magnificent that it just felt like I was suspended in time. She said “I have come here to offer my gratitude to you and your tribe for the work you will do for Humanity over the coming two years, you as them have no idea of your greatness but you will and for this service I wish to thank you all.” I was a little overwhelmed by this message as I regained my ability to speak I asked her “who are you?” Her response was “They call me the mother, mother of the Earth.” and  with that she was gone.

I still often reflect on this moment and when I do I can feel the immense energy surround me and the tears flow as I feel the overwhelming sense of strength, joy and absolute humbleness by the power of her presence and her words.

This is a experience which I have kept so close to my heart and not often share as this was a pivotal turning point in my life when everything changed….

As we approach the mark of this two year timeframe I have spent much time reflecting over these past years and as I am no longer the same person and I have absolutely no doubt that if you are reading these words, you too are no longer the same person. The immense soul growth and expansion through these transitional times have taken many of us into darkness and back to the light transformed in ways we could have never comprehended previously.

It has been a time of not leaving any stone unturned we have the opportunity to rise above our deepest illusions of fear and transmute all aspects of our lower aspects of self to become the embodiment of our higher version of self. This is what they call the process of Ascension and Self Mastery available to every person who walks upon this beautiful planet. As we all work on this process we join in with our beloved Mother Gaia as she too transforms.

I have often felt that this two year window has been the most important part of the transformation as we bridge the gap between the two worlds, we walk along the rainbow bridge into a higher existence which we have all co-created through our collective consciousness.

There are so many of us doing this work on the planet right now, and without all us bringing our higher frequency this transition would not be possible. This message I received was for all of us as I repeat it again “Thank you for your service tribe of light” We all stand on the edge of understanding how incredibly powerful we are as spiritual beings living in this time of evolution. We agreed to come here because we knew how we could contribute through our energy, frequency, our gifts and talents.

As we move through this Equinox Gateway of 2017 allow your heart space to guide you to where you are meant to be with complete openness to how things will unfold for you and for humanity. Knowing that you are safe, protected and all is well, You came here to walk across the Rainbow bridge and although it has been uncomfortable at times it is well worth the journey.

Written by Alisha Braché