As we experience these higher waves of energy continuing to flood the planet; this higher octave of frequency leaves no stone unturned in its path of full illumination. For many of us who have been going through this process for many years, one thing is very clear… Speed and momentum have picked up beyond light-speed pace!

As part of this process, 3D energy templates continue to be broken down and dissolved. As this happens we watch parts of our old world and society breakdown which sometimes be can be terrifying at times, yet it’s all for the betterment of Humanity you see without the old outdated and worn-out templates and structures transforming, the new isn’t possible; yet new is inevitable as evolution is taking place now before our very eyes.

Right now we are witness to the Old Masculine Template going through this massive restructure. As this process proceeds these very deep and ancient wounds which have been buried are now surfacing to be healed and transformed. So as the old dies it creates space for the new Template to be alive to stand in truth, authenticity and power.

I am sharing what I have experienced over these past weeks which has been such a powerful indication of what is reflected in the Masculine Collective Energy at present. And importantly the best way to support this transformation process.

I also know the importance of sharing so that others can have a greater depth of understanding of what may be unfolding. (Please keep in mind as you read these words, that we all hold the masculine and feminine energy/templates within and it will manifest more or less in different forms. This is NOT gender related although it potentially could have a deeper effect on some more than others. Depending on your frequency inner balance of masculine & feminine and of course your own personal Ascension journey.
In other words, have your own experience while reading this take what resonates leave what doesn’t and absolutely share with your soul brothers and sister if you think this might help someone else.)

Without further adieu let’s just jump right into it:

Sunday 8th April ~ I was finishing up some artwork, which came to my awareness only when the second painting was almost completed. It was symbolic of the Ascension process from the Feminine and Masculine perspective just as the Sacred Mystery Schools had the left and right ‘eye of Horus. There were two ways of going through one process or possibly two perspectives of the same process.

I was about to complete the second painting… The Masculine one… As I was laying down the final brush strokes (completing the process) I started to feel tightness in my chest and, anxiety and completely thrown off balance. I decided to break and have a shower… As soon as I did that I felt the fear wash over me… I was trembling with an ‘out of control’ feeling which washed over me. I started resighting over and over “I can’t control it, I can’t control it!” It came out of nowhere and it seemed to be directly connected to finalising the artwork of the ‘Masculine Ascension Process.” It felt far greater than just me and I needed time to go into this energy and transmute it.

It was in that process I developed the deeper awareness I had tapped into what I call the “Masculine Collective Energy Template” and things were about to crack wide open…In amongst all this, my dogs had managed to get open the gate and run away… I knew this wasn’t being shown as a coincidence and it was certainly part of the message I was being show, after hours of driving around looking for them and processing everything that was flooding into my consciousness. I realised that they weren’t far away and the act of seeking was eluding me, I knew better and I could just call them back through my heartspace…

As I started to do this I was tapping in the centre of my high heart repeating the words “It’s time to come back home.” Sure enough moments later my male dog was on the street finding his way back home. They had separated, which was a first. I picked him up in the car and drove back home only upon arriving my female dog was waiting for me at the front door… Both looked as though they had been on one hell of a journey, muddy, exhausted, a limping (only a little). They were so exhausted yet happy to have returned home and reunited together. What transpired over those few hours felt like eternity yet it was all over in the blink of an eye. Like everything we experience, the universe delivers us a message if we choose to pay attention and also that that message can be understood at so many levels of consciousness.

What was a message for you?

I knew this was just the precursor to what would continue to unfold over the coming days; as I tend to get the ‘heads up’ beforehand. And sure enough….

Only a few days later I was called into an Energy Session which needed immediate attention; something which took me by surprise yet I knew it was important and I was about to be shown something in relation to all the experiences in the lead-up… I was given an intuitive ‘heads-up’ the night before that something big was very transpiring. And also had been pondering over the question of the difference in the Ascension process for the Masculine and Feminine paths.

On a side note, I have been working with Energy Healing for almost half my life now; I have NEVER seen anything like this. It was actually very graphic and I found it quite shocking. Even though I was working on one particular person I was also aware that this was representative of the “Masculine Collective Energy Template” and what is transpiring at present!

The lower three chakras (Base/Sacral/Solar Plexus) were shown as open wounds, similar to a very large open gunshot wound in which the bandage had been taken off because it hadn’t been healed properly; and now needed the assistance of having proper attention and care.

The heart chakra was a completely closed wound where stitches had been left in creating a cross shape possibly looking like someone who has had major heart surgery and the full function wasn’t yet at full capacity.

The three higher chakras (Throat, Third Eye & Crown) we looking ‘working’ yet the colour was very dull, what seemed to be the disconnection with the heart wasn’t allowing the energy to flow and there was a misalignment between 3D chakras towards the 5D chakras. I worked through the process as I was best guided to. It was a very different technique that was required to do such heavy-duty energy work, let alone the time involved in what generally be the normal timeframe for one complete session, this equivalent time frame was dedicated just for the lower three Chakras.

That’s when it all started to make more sense, this is where the old Masculine Template held the 3D chakras it was now time to heal that and allow the space for it to evolve into something higher…
The visual that accompanied this was the energetic unplugging of the 3D cord into the Earth Energy Grid and reconnecting into the 5D Earth Energy Grid.

This to me felt very monumental and I needed time afterwards to really process and best understand what I was being shown… At first reluctant to share this information, however as the days followed it became more evidently clear that this was a time in which many people were going through a big transition and by sharing we can all have better wisdom and knowledge to assist our fellow soul brothers and sisters.

So how will this manifest in your world? Perhaps it already is and this is just a confirmation?

It’s different to everyone in accordance with their soul’s growth and path. Here is some key points which I was given in a download as I started to create more artwork inspired by the Twin Soul Energy connection and what I see during my Energy Alignment sessions:

Death of an old phrase, Ego surrendered, the truth coming to the light, healing can begin, the search for truths begins, answers come in, very swift movement and the illumination phase can begin.

These words were telepathically transmitted and repeated over and over until I had written them down.

Shortly after this, my memory was triggered by the very first article I wrote about Twin Flames almost a year ago. I was shown once again this experience ~ with a part that was also included which didn’t make so much sense at the time.. Which was a sequence of numbers… And then it hit me… April 2018! OMG! That message I received back then was showing me in advance for now! See the article about Twin Grids completion here:

It now fully started to make perfect sense like a crystal clear image…. We are without a doubt in my mind in the final completion of the “Twin Flame 5D Energy Grids” and the process I was shown and wrote about last year. All the key points are aligning and it seems like the “Masculine Energy Template” is one of the last pieces of the puzzle to be put into place.

This is an exciting time and phase right now; as once the energy is correct that’s when things can line up in our physical reality. Very much what I do on an Individual level with my Energy Sessions this is Globally, for Humanity! I can’t really describe to you how overwhelming this is for me personally as within the very essence of my heart and soul this is why I came here to Earth to assist Gaia with this process. Every other aspect of my Twin Flame journey, my unique ascension journey, going from having everything to nothing and rebuilding my entire existence and everything in between! Has brought out the Warrior within me which I knew was always there, yet I only was able to do that because of the great love that I have for this Planet and every single sentient being who lives upon her.

And through all the ‘hurt’, ‘pain’, ‘suffering’ and ‘sacrifice’ it was all worth it and I would do it a million times over again if I had to… But don’t choose to… Yet through this process, I have learnt so much and in return, I can help others move through this process with the tools and guidebook I didn’t have so that ‘suffering’ can be optional because it hurts me to see others suffer and being so empathic I too feel their pain.

So with saying that; it’s NOW time more than ever for us to open our hearts and be kind and compassionate to those who are now going through a big process of transformation due to this Masculine Energy Template upgrade. To some degree it affects all of us, however, there will be more noticeable effects for some people than others.

In plain and simple terms the Earth Energy Grids completing and so many connecting with this 5D Grid. Combined with the influx of this Ascension Energy hitting the Planet it makes a more stable environment for 5D relationships to come together in service of humanity and to get our soul’s missions in full swing in whatever assignment we have chosen before coming to this beautiful planet.

In conclusion, this Grid phase coming to completion and the next phase is to be rolled out, in a journey that has felt completely soul-destroying which is actually Ego destroying and Soul defining. For me personally, this journey has nothing to do with romance as we have known it on a 3D level because every aspect of that has been knocked out of me… Any notion of my preconceived 3D conditioning of romanticism has gone.

What it means to me is a sigh of relief that things can come together as we all together have created a path and learnt so much on our own. That coming together not only with my soul counterpart but with other people who share the same mission. The mission in its purest form, is why we incarnated to Earth NOW to work together in unity. Now is the most perfect time to be in a constant state of co-creation for the betterment of humanity and I know that I didn’t come here and wouldn’t be possible to achieve this alone!

At times it has felt like chasing a damn carrot that is dangling in front of us all. Sometimes you get so close you can smell it, touch it, maybe even taste the smallest nibble, yet the entirety is out of reach or at least sometimes feels that way. Well, you see that carrot is what holds your faith, trust and knowing strong each insight and experience the universe sends us to show we are in alignment with our path…

But you actually don’t want that carrot, you want the “Grand Golden Carrot” This is the full ascension process for you and everyone. So keep taking those hints, signs and guidance and know that it is leading you through into something you couldn’t fully comprehend. For example, have you ever seen a Golden Carrot? Ahh not yet… but you will just wait … along with so many more incredible things you will see and experience..

This is a very powerful process happening right now and as we know transformation can be messy, scary and uncertain however my feelings are that for the many newly awakening, being activated and becoming in alignment with who they are in the truest purest form. It will be quite a different process than what our experiences have been before.

As was shown to me through the energy session; it will require lots of nurturing and support yet will be quicker in many ways because of the work that we have all done collaboratively in all parts of the globe and for the largest portions a solo journey… That part is done in time, with Soul families connecting and working together to make the next part joyful and filled with purpose. Working together all in one massive Union of connected hearts and souls.

As always truly from the center of my heart to yours thank you. For all your service and playing your part as each piece connects the dots to the overall gigantic cosmic picture.

Written by Alisha Braché