Happy NEW MOON! How are you all feeling out there? I am in the process of sending out many updates of insight, experiences and downloads I have been filtering into my consciousness in the past few weeks. So much is changing at very rapid speeds for the collective and most importantly and exciting to share is how quickly we are seeing these changes manifest in our reality. Thanks to the massive waves of light that have been coming into the planet since March 2018 the beginning of the ‘Event/Ascension Energies” are coming through with more potency than ever before. See my video for more information here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE57CQGtF-s&t=1s

I am currently noticing many things happening on a collective level.

A massive shift of power in structures that weren’t serving humanity’s best interest began to break down so that new supportive structures could take their rightful place.

Coming together of Twin Souls to be able to implement these structures in accordance with their co-joined soul mission.

Old Masculine Template being exposed – Brought to the surface and healed so that the NEW Masculine Template can fully anchor in each person and the planet.

Many souls are either starting their awakening journey or the Ascension process and it is a different process from those who have paved the way in years gone by; much more accelerated with more guidance and support.

More people awakening to their Galactic Aspect within them and around them – More conscious contact with Star Family.

An unravelling of the process over the past few years to prepare and make way for a new cycle.

Over the past 24hrs I have been guided to look back over some of the things I have written in accordance with last year, being shown that I was reading the energies that very much correlate with what is occurring now in preparation. I often talk about how my higher self always writes down things for me to know in advance so in alignment with that I have very insightful clarity which I will share in a series of blogs and videos over the coming weeks.

Until then I will leave you with this one to start off as It’s currently the NEW MOON and I was guided to go back and find a report I wrote last year about a Grasshopper experience (having no idea when it was written just that I needed to re-read that info as it’s very relevant for NOW!) As this message came through I glanced across and there was a Grasshopper sitting beside my window. An Adult one which also represents the full circle of one of the many cycles we are in.

The synchronicity which are lining up right now is completely insane and that is just a very small example.

So below I have inserted that Energy Report I was guided to go find and share with you all NOW.

“New Moon (Super Moon) in Taurus April 2017.

To sit back for a moment and reflect on what the Global Energies have been like throughout the month of April – It has been a bit of a bumpy road for many with solar events, and planets retrograding it certainly had shaken many of us up. It has felt nothing less than intense on even the calmest day. For me personally, it has felt as though everything that we experienced throughout 2016 the trials and tribulations was jam-packed into one month just to make sure that we have learnt to experience this deep process of letting go of all the things that no longer serve us.

The upside of letting go no matter how painful it may be at the time, it opens us up to many great and wonderful things that we couldn’t have possibly been able to experience before as we had no space in our lives prior to these events.

New Moons always mark the process of new beginnings and as we move into May it feels like we are moving forward to much solid and stable grounds as new paths are starting to present themselves in unimaginable and unexpected ways.

Nature has always provided much insight and inspiration as we can read the signs through our own intuition and senses. Just this morning a baby grasshopper not only leapt in front of me, it actually landed on me to give me the very strong impression that as we leap into May many positive changes are afoot.

The Grasshopper represents good fortune, luck is on your side, abundance and prosperity and a massive leap forward and jumping with the leap of faith. I feel this is not just an individual message yet for everyone. It’s also a nice reminder that the only way is forward! Grasshoppers can only jump forward not backwards. So no matter where you’re at or what situations you are being presented with there is always forward movement even if we don’t feel it at times.

Sometimes if we feel as though we have taken a step backwards or sideways we are just preparing for a massive movement forward. As always be open and expect miracles in each moment, because the best surprises in life always come in unexpected ways. So if April has made you feel a little off balance and you have challenges arise which you thought were cleared up, rest assured that this is pathing the way for new things to come forward.”

In conclusion, I would encourage you to reflect on what was happening 12 months ago – And ask if was there any guidance I was receiving. How was this setting things up for what is occurring in my life now?

Written by Alisha Braché
Artwork by Alisha Braché