Welcome to December ~ Tribe of Light!

What a transformational Year 2017 has been ~ it’s shaken us to our core, energy waves have knocked us on our ass and we have moved beyond the conventional limits outside the range of our comfort zone, and that’s just a mild summary! So keeping all that in mind take a moment to reflect just on how far you have grown/evolved and the person you have now become! Congratulations!

As we move into the last month of the year ~ it’s important to keep focused on who you are now, rather than the treacherous journey which was to get you here NOW to this pivotal moment.

Over the past week huge influx of messages coming through dream space which shows me a indication of changes in the Collective for Divine Partnerships as we move through the month of December into the new year 2018 = (11 mastership year – 2 universal year of partnership!)

Lots of gridwork has been taken place since Wednesday – by many of us during our awakened and sleep states. Feels as though we are working overtime now to the build up towards this year’s December Solstice 21/12 Gateway. During sleep state I was taken to very exact grid point locations to help anchor in higher energies ~ only to find out next morning those coordinates were places which experienced earthquakes that night. As the tectonic plates move, our mother Earth’s frequency rises even higher.

As this very sleepy energy has been hitting us over the weeks and possibly more to come through December, there is always a purpose – don’t fight it just go with it! As we go into sleep state it assist on so many different levels. It’s helps restore and balance our physical body to adjust with the energy & light codes coming through upgrading our DNA & adjusting our Merkabah (light bodies.) The increasing sensation of swirling motion when I take a moment out to meditate or nap, now happens on a daily basis, whereas a few months ago it would only happen on higher energy days! This is fantastic news as to where Earth is heading at very fast speed now! Our lightbodies are preparing us to fully assimilate through this dimensional shift!

In conjunction to this – sleep state is where we return back into our multidimensional state, our soul never sleeps, which is why we can wake up some mornings feeling more exhausted than when went to bed. Our consciousness is transferred into other realities & dimensions which we can be doing loads of work to assist with Earth’s transformation, while also merging, collapsing and closing off some of our own old timelines & realities to become more aligned with our zero point unified field. This work can be tiresome to say the least, yet all for the greatest cause!

Huge Galactic influence can be felt at present, normally I get this sensation during the night times and look up in the skies and see massive fleets of ships dancing in the skies. This is no longer just a night time occurrence as the presence and the sighting of spacecraft can be seen just as easily and as frequently during the daytime as well. Which indicates to me that we are having a stronger presence from our star families as they assist us through this process, bringing in the energy with their presence and overseeing the process.

For those on the Divine Partnership or Twin Flame journey ~ I got a message earlier in the year which indicated that there would be a positive change for the TF collective during November (as always, I stay detached from pinpointing exact dates as I know far too well that change has to happen through the higher energy levels before we can see it manifest through this physical reality.) Having said that the message which has come through in the past week have been nothing but profound.

A dream which brought through coded messages in numbers just on a week ago ~ showed that the path was being cleared for much more easier and smoother times ahead. All obstacles were removed and the number – 926 showed me the message that one cycle was being brought to a close, for partnership to bring forth the harmony of balance, love & family.

Upon waking from that dream there was a feeling of complete exhaustion ~ the sense of epic neverending journey ~ where death and rebirth was being delivered over and over again. The analogy which came into my mind as it was a very similar feeling I had many years ago. After travelling for sometime and being very far away from home. The Journey had ended, the ‘holiday’ was over, yet I still had to make the long journey back home. Although I felt as though there wasn’t an ounce of energy left to make my way back. I just wanted to click my heels and say ‘there is no place like home’ and instantly be teleported back into the comfort of my familiar surroundings. BUT I had no choice, here I was halfway around the world and all that was left was the three day trip to get me back to where I belong! I was in the journey and no way out except to continue forward on the final stretch home. Hummm Three days seemed somewhat significant as I tried to process what I was feeling. I checked the dates to see and 1/12/17 came up!

Of course I am never disappointed when the messages come through ~ As I awoke this morning on the first of December such a beautiful message come through so clearly through dream space. I was shown that the energies are currently at the 9 of cups in the Tarot ~ which was shown to me in the dream; that this journey has been huge in so many ways which has let us grow, evolve and become one with ourselves. There has been so much achieved and now in a space to see that come into manifestation. Behind the the 9 of cups card as the 10 of cups ~ the representation of fulfilled wishes and achievement, happy home life, family and harmony in relationships. It was apparent to me that we are in the process of this transition and only smaller adjustments need to be made to bear the fruits of our labor. So what is most important at this time? Gather all our cups collect all the wisdom gained and place what we have learnt into action. SHARING our wisdom, gifts and talents in the world and work steadily on our mission, because let’s face it the world could really use a little more love and joy right now, as the old world crumbles away and the new one emerges. This is the time we have all been waiting for ~ use your strength and courage which you have gain and turn it into something beautiful to light up the world!

Sending everyone massive amounts of love as I share the message I receive knowing that it will resonate with some people out there 🙂

Written by Alisha Braché