So many things have happened just within this past 24hr hours all surrounding the DEATH of the OLD Masculine energies and the re-birth of the new OPENING UP AND COMING ONLINE!

I am just going to summarize in bullet points:

  • A client contacted me to set up an URGENT Energy Alignment session specifically to work through the solar plexus & masculine energies! The timing aligned perfectly for the session to take place: We both felt strongly that it was important – but no idea why? (This particular client has the capacity to hold huge frequencies of light.) I was shown as we were recalibrating her masculine energy – the timing aligned with masculine collective field – It was one of the most powerful sessions and the SHIFT was MONUMENTAL and completely beyond this world! In addition a powerful image which came though was Divorce book – and a handover process from Soul Mate relationships to Divine Partnership Relationships (Twin Flame) and It was the death of the 3D relationship paradigm – This is the energy which swept over in absolute knowingness – how this will unfold in our individual journey and on a collective level is anyone’s guess – There is a huge momentum building as everything feels fast tracked!

  • Later that evening a huge wave of tiredness swept over me – I know that when I feel that way I am being called to ‘work’ – my body needs to go ‘offline’ into sleep state for the higher level work can begin – As the Soul never sleeps it’s constantly working around the clock as these energy waves & shifts are now happening at lightning speeds! As I drifted off to sleep state I knew that whatever I was going to recall would have very important significance

  • Sure enough – the entire night was dedicated to ‘check in’ on every single significant male in this life past & present – my father, brothers, uncles, male cousins, friends, colleagues, Divine Counterpart and even ex partners. I was literally ‘checking in’ on all of them – some doing well and others NOT so great. I was moving through a Hospital like facility where there were different Men in various stages of healing – I was handing out Amethyst rings to help facilitate their healing process.

  • In the morning I received multiple messages through various people who had also had incredibly vivid dreams – they all had a common thread – I could see the pattern emerging – Divine counterparts in Hospital – Men going through the death process – Couples being separated and then coming back together. Massive earth “EVENTS” and manmade and natural disasters only to move through into the Eutopia – moving into NEW EARTH! – It was all happening last night as we are all working around the clock at the moment to bring forward this massive collective SHIFT!

  • After receiving all these message ~ I had to go into another client session ~ This Energy Alignment was massive as I had completed the clearing phase a thunder storm started brewing outside: I started working through Activating the Chakras – I got to the SOLAR PLEXUS – and BOOM!!!! Thunder roared above the my Healing Room and literally shook the entire building! The timing was on point! I felt the power and intensity as the NEW – MASCULINE Template in the SOLAR PLEXUS was activated for that client – And how symbolic that was to show me what is happening in the Masculine Collective Field

  • Summary: Male/Female – we are all having our Masculine Energy – activated and upgrade to this higher frequency coming in – we will all feel this in different ways, dependant on our journey.

Make use of this energy – this means ACTION – The world wasn’t ready before – but now it is! AND THE WORLD NEEDS YOU! – Divine Timing bring your gifts, talents, creations and projects out for all to see and benefit for what you have to offer! This is the fun part – This is the time we have all been waiting for! Let’s get to work and show this world how we come together as one!

Feel important to share this – and would love to hear what you have been seeing, feeling, experiencing over the past 24hrs as we all hold keys and pieces to this Grand Divine Puzzle, which we call Planetary Ascension of our Beloved Gaia!

Written by Alisha Braché