Dear Soul Tribe!

There is so much which can be said about the intensity building and rippling through the collective right now as we prepare for this Blood/Blue/Super/Eclipse Moon. I mean seriously if the name doesn’t just say it all! How many names would we like to place on this one?

It’s not just this rare occasion, as we have had so many ‘rare astrological alignments’ take place over the past few years. Yet it’s the intensity of the energy pressing in on us; to take us all to the next level.

I seem to always have the ‘heads up’ when this pressure cooker is about to burst and I get ‘taken out of action’ so to speak for a few days to go deep within as I prepare myself. So over the past few days for the most part in solitude. Three days I was told then sure enough Boom! My phone and email goes into a frenzy with people reaching out needing assistance and booking in for session. The fact is we all need a helping hand at some point in our journey even myself. I feel so blessed that I can go through what I need to slightly in advance so that I can be very clear channel for when I need to hold space for others having a better and clearer insight into what is coming up!

From what I have seen so far this particular time is effecting Twin Souls in a very heavy and deep way, shifting both of them to the next level, yet we are all being effected in very profound ways. In accordance to what our Soul needs for the new growth and expansion.

Key themes which I have been observing is deep rooted hurt arising through feelings of unworthiness, purposelessness, confusion, anger, guilt, resentment, lack of trust, hopelessness. To simplify just trying to grasp on to the last bit of the old foundations which are breaking away from our lives so rapidly, It’s in these times we keep charging forward with the gentle reminder that in this process to usher in the new things, the old needs to be rearranged and replaced.

For Twin Souls on the Divine Partnership journey I was shown something in this lead up which I have been observing coming through bit by bit. In the process of this Divine Partnership connection moving forward we are simply walking different timelines of reality, both exactly where we need to be in each moment. One in the 4-5D timelines and the other 3-4D timelines as this is connecting and holding space within the energy grids. By ways of each individual partnership and connection. I wrote about this a few weeks ago about the lower grids starting to dim and switch off as the higher ones come on more FULLY. This is a big operation and transitional phase as it’s done shift by shift and each one plays an important role though their one unique connection and Grid Point across the Globe.

Know at this very moment you’re exactly where you need to be; the separation which is all but an illusion is perfect, the dynamics which have played out in your own journey together have been designed in a way to allow you to grow, evolve and have major personal breakthroughs. As we pull away from the ‘he said’, ‘she said’, ‘did’, ‘didn’t’ and the finger pointing to examine what is being shown from a bigger perspective we can find a stillness of peace.
If your fighting an inner war with your counterpart, take a moment breath and bring out the white flag! Return back to a place of love and higher space in your perspective, in the 5D consciousness where everything is an act of love… Easier said than done right?

Know this; when there is so much going on it always means one thing (in my humble opinion) a big breakthrough is about to occur. It could be within your relationship, with yourself only time will reveal that.

Separation is such a beautiful blessing can you imagine going through some of these extreme times while in the same space? I personally wouldn’t as it would be more damaging than good for all involved.

So back to the different timelines, each individual has certain 3D experiences which are needed to go through before making the next shift. It’s purposeful as it helps us to gain as much experience as possible before moving to a next level of our own purpose of service by in which what we have gained can be offered to help others through what we have mastered.

Having said that I was being shown the different timeline jumps which are occurring at this point in time and how they are moving very swiftly to co-join together for quite a number of pairs. Each radical shift we experience is jumping up another octave towards our inevitable rejoining, balancing and coming back into the same timeline and thus same physical reality. Ahhhhh to feel like home again at long last!

So it may make sense why there is so much coming up right now which need to be acknowledged, cleared, worked through and balanced. The sheer intensity of these connections are powerful and there are so many aspects which need to align otherwise it simply doesn’t work.

Take some pressure off and know that you are doing and being all you can! You’re going through the ultimate graduation of your 3D existence. Honor yourself and your own journey no one else can do that for you!

Blue Moons! I reflect back on the last time I felt such a massive upheaval was in the week leading up to the Blue Moon in July 2015!

I was in one massive inner conflict of were my life was about to head.  In one a long term relationship and feeling conflicted by another deep connection of friendship which was showing me something else was possible. However being the fighter that I am, not one to give up in something I am so invested in even if it makes me miserable.

I took sometime on my own to regather my thoughts. Upon the illumination of this Full Blue Moon I wrote down all the things I wanted to release and all the new things I welcomed in to my life. Still unsure of which way to go, or what to do. I wept in the sheer pain of not wanting to hurt someone who I dearly cared for, yet needing to honor my life was about to radically transform.

I placed out a silent cry to the universe. “Please help me, I don’t know what to do, I can’t hurt someone that I love, yet if it’s simply not meant to be, I can’t end this on my own, I need your divine intervention.”  To my complete and utter shock, within less than 24 hours of that silent yet very precise cry for help, my long term relationship was over!

From that moment everything went on high speed to rearrange all aspects of my life and delve  me further along my Twin Soul journey. Nothing could have prepared me for how things move forward from that point on through all the craziness, twists and turns not to mention the plot twists.

I feel the power of sharing this part of my journey with you as in the power of transparency and personal experience; it has the power to reinstall faith for others and pivotal moments.
As major turning points that we are in now can and will usher in small and BIG changes.

With all my heart I send you deep love and immense gratitude for all the work you are doing on so many levels in our collective contribution of this Planetary Ascension process.

In the stillness so much awaits us all, as this new peace slowly emerges through the chaos of these forever changing times.

Written by Alisha Braché