I have pondered on writing this for quite sometime now as I think this is something that affects many people however not broadly spoken about. As it has been a very big theme throughout conversations and sessions this week I felt it was the right time to share my insight and what working with others has shown me over many years.

Firstly I would like to point out that it’s very important while reading this or anything that you come to your own conclusions and what resonates as truth for your own experience. One of the reasons I have put off writing about this is it could come across as a controversial or taboo topic and I don’t like to create ripples of controversy, yet as I sat with it, I realised that that isn’t entirely true, I actually love controversy as it has the capacity to create positive changes and sometimes that is necessary. Just know that it comes from a place of deep respect for what sometimes can be a rather sensitive topic.

So let’s begin, SEX! Now I completely have your attention… What many people start to experience while on their awakening journey is that the function of sex as what it once was is beginning to change and transform. As we delve deep into inner and outer transformation this can be confusing and confronting for people as more and more people are finding that the functionality of ‘getting down’ can no longer working as it was. When I say this I am referring to erectile dysfunction for men and in the same way for women well how can I say ‘closed shop’.

My understanding of what I like to call energy compatibility for couples is becoming much more prominent as we move through this planetary transformation. Of course, we have seen the term ‘Twin Flames’ becoming much more present over the past few years as people are seeking, connecting, and finding their counterparts. As a result of this, relationships are ended and also evolve depending on your individual path.

Many people who have experienced these encounters and connections with an energy-suitable partner, regardless of the name you chose to call it, and haven’t as yet been able to harmonize in a more committed relationship with their counterpart at this stage in the game, are going on a solo journey for inner self-love or choosing to stay in their current relationship for a variety of reasons. Many find that intimacy and sexual connection are either limited or no longer work. This can be challenging and confusing for some as they tend to put pressure on themselves that something is ‘wrong with them’. Which in most cases highlights the issue even further.

Also, this can be the case when people have had some level of connection with a Twin or energy-compatible partner and then in the 3D world are still riding solo. If you have been on this path, know the challenges and frustrations it can present and decided to ‘try’ and disconnect from the intensity of the connection and ‘move on’, go back to dating or looking for someone who will be a suitable match even for a short while.

Only to find that they are not really interested in having sexual connection when it comes to ‘crunch time’ or even if the will and desire might be there, that the body just switches off when it comes time for the performance.

So why is that? I think it comes down to a very simple answer in most cases, and that answer is that the heart space is not fully engaged. Obviously, there can be many contributing factors in today’s society such as stress, the influence of substance, past traumas and so forth that’s why it’s hard to write something general as one size fits all because it simply just doesn’t. However, in my perception, it’s becoming more apparent for many people’s experience that we are moving away from just having sex for a temporary fix of relief of filling a void to feel loved so we don’t address our healing within.

Some lyrics come to mind as I write this “He uses love for sex and sure she uses sex for love.” Very common in a 3D society where people connect as a way of filling a void, as a fix, to temporarily feel good, yet the inner feeling that they are trying to avoid or find isn’t being achieved in the long term as they go back to square one.

Many people on a spiritual path may choose celibacy as a ‘rite of passage’ for a period of time and this may also be suitable at times, yet I am not saying that there is anything wrong with having sex. It is the most powerful force on the planet when used with the correct intention and with the right person. In times gone by it has certainly been misunderstood, used and abused.

As we are starting to awaken on the planet to who we really are on a soul level, the knowledge of this is rising back. The true power of ‘sacred sexuality’ as it’s referred to is the power of the union of two energy-compatible beings connecting and merging their energy fields, now this can happen through an intimate expression of lovemaking as it is the physical expression of how two souls can connect on the deepest level in physical form, as the purpose of feeling once again a state of connection to source energy and wholeness. It’s within this alchemical process that can trigger a Kundalini awakening, open the heart chakra, and bring on remembrance of who they are on a soul level. Now this process doesn’t always happen at first connection and can develop slowly over time, it just really depends on the soul’s chosen experience.

This is the most powerful and profound state of manifestation through this deep sense of connection and love, which can be used for the greater good, to enhance each other’s lives and also the energy that is created. From my perception is also anchoring 5D energy into the planet.

This practice holds huge amounts of energy, power and transformation, thus it then makes sense as we move into highly charged energetic times that energy is everything and truly to be used in the purest of intentions which can benefit the whole. That when couples come together and they may look as though they are compatible on a surface physical level, one thing I know to be true is that energy never lies.

If the energy is not compatible or not in harmony that energy will not be generated.

Yet when the heart is fully engaged and two beings who share the same unique energy signature come together in this physical union, not only does it have the power to transform themselves but the energy is magnified and radiates outward and brings a higher dimensional frequency to the planet.

This can be achieved together in the physical union of love-making expression as well as from afar, as we become more sensitive to energy our own and that of a divine partner, this energy-merging process of sexual alchemy can also be experienced energetically as well and this powerful energy can be felt from one side of the globe to the other, which has the power to connect two heart spaces and the energy brought forth impact everything in between to shift into a higher vibration.

It’s very common for me to hear that people can sense the energy connection of their counterpart from afar in this union of sexual expression as though it is physical and tangible as though they are physically together. And in other cases a person’s counterpart may already be Ascended as we call it, simply meaning that they are not in physical form.

The nature of connecting and merging energies is far beyond sexual pleasure than what we have known from a 3D perspective. This is a process that allows a person to connect with the divinity of who they are, that facet of god/source that lies within them through the connection of another person. So that they can see and embody their highest potential. Going through the Ascension process or activating their ‘rainbow body’ as it’s called in Eastern philosophy.

The ancient Egyptians practiced this, what is known as Ankhing their sexual energy as this is the key to immortality aka Ascension. In very simple terms, at the point of orgasm, there is a release of energy that moves through the energy column and up throughout the top of the head. Ankhing is to be able to move that energy as it hits the heart space it loops just as the Ankh symbol and circles this energy around the top of the head and back into the body to retain an energy boost.

What I have understood and practised for years is being able to hold that energy in the heart space with the highest intentions for bringing this higher dimensional energy into the planet to see all beings live in peace and harmony. As a disclaimer yes this can also be used to manifest desires, yet there are no doubt ramifications if this is used in a way that would violate the natural order and divine will.

So as you can see there is so much more to the Divine Partnership connection than just a romantic relationship, there is great power and with that comes a great deal of respect and honour for these sacred relationships and they are one of the powerful connections that help us Ascend into a higher level of consciousness and energy embodiment yet also through this helps our beloved Gaia, mother earth go through her Ascension process too.

There is great love to be found in this world and as we move further on, I do believe that sex as we have known it for eons will also evolve to a place where it will be optional yet not essential. Energy merging can also achieve the same heightened states of pleasure, bliss and nirvana beyond what we have known through physical intimacy.

As this energy merges it creates a third energy, which is the co-creation energy where life is birthed. Conscious conception of a child or birth of a project, depending on the joint soul intention of the couple and the soul’s path.

As we are currently at this very important junction point of the planet’s process of transformation, we are being called to connect, live and love in very authentic and conscious ways, keep your intentions and energy anchoring this beautiful higher frequency into the planet as we can all benefit.

As more 5D energy floods the planet it creates the most perfect environment for Divine Counterparts to come together, live and work together. As the energy work is finalizing for some, the outward action of co creation of new beautiful things can begin.

Written by Alisha Braché