Energy Update

We are almost at the halfway point between the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse and I have found that the energies in this corridor have been quite bumpy. Had days of huge downloads and high frequency days where it was almost impossible to ground in any moment no matter what I did on those days, which is magnificent because you’re in that space of natural flow and divine order and just wanting to bask and soak up these grand frequencies incoming. Which then leads to the days of integration hit where the frequency drops the EGO mind has space to creep in slightly and make you feel like frustrated, edgy and clouded thought patterns emerge. The key is to find the balance to be able to stabilise these energies, especially for the ones doing the work to anchor them in to Earth and in our surroundings. And that is the opportunity which we are having during this Eclipse Corridor, to anchor in these high energies and spread them out as far as you possibly can to those around you. If you are a Gridworker and you get the call to go to certain places, follow that calling, because that is part of your service to Gaia to help filter in this light as it comes in from the Galactic Centre. The great analogy which sums up where we are at is like climbing a mountain and adjusting to the altitude levels. As it’s impossible to go straight up, because it would be dangerous to the physical body, we have to acclimatise step by step, with our bodies and the reality around us to adjust accordingly. So just like mountain climbing, we have the similar physical symptoms of feeling floaty and lightheaded, nausea and physical purging from the body. Also the ears are adjusting to the high pitched frequency noises and ringing in the ears.

For some of us we quite literally feel as though we are walking between worlds with one foot on the Ground and the other in the Cosmos and we pretty much are, we are bridging between two realities as you possibly well know some days feel completely feel 5D and other feel very 3D. Bit by bit we are closing that gap. Adjusting to this new way of living our minds can sometimes get impatient and frustrated as at times we feel as though we are in a holding pattern and nothing is moving forward, and then just like that things move forward again. When you hit those places don’t be alarmed or concerned, just ride it out because there is so many things recalibrating on higher levels that our mind couldn’t possibly comprehend. And those times are the best to just be and find your balance and centre point of inner peace and harmony. What I was shown during those times is that Timelines are dissolving from our reality, so what was once a quantum possibility is being drawn away or that hologram is collapsing and during that time we need to sit still in a neutral place so that we don’t add any energy to those Timelines which are moving out of our reality. So that our pathway can be clearer.

I often get a visual image of the corridor of Ascension as literally a long corridor where all these doors keep closing, and those doors are those quantum possibilities or timelines as they keep closing shut so that we keep clearer on our path of our highest potential of what we have come here to do in this lifetime. So some of these doors can be represented as jobs, businesses, people, relationships, friendship and places where we live. As most of you would be able to relate as our frequency rise, things can literally get ripped out from our realities. So if or when you feel you’re in that space looking for the next quantum leap forward, just know that other timelines are dropping away to make space for the next opportunities and new reality to open up. So be patient with yourself and when you’re in those moments be creative do the things that you love, explore your gifts and talents. Create beautiful music, art, write, meditate, dance and keep creating. It also helps bring higher levels of energies in as we are a channel for these through our soul extensions.

As always, be patient, loving, kind towards yourself and others – we are getting positioned to take our soul mission to the next level, which is what we have come forth to do, to create heaven on Earth.

Twin Flames

For this week it’s about bringing the focus back to Us, where we are at and reflection of how far we come, how we have grown and evolved throughout this journey. Holding a great deal of compassion and love for our Divine Counterpart in our hearts, while holding the awareness of where we were at in the beginning to understand where they are currently placed. Awakening, opening up, seeing things differently, and trying to piece it all together and understand it all. They are being shown a greater higher perspective and insight to what the relationship is to them and what it means. Give them the physical space when it’s required for them to process these insights they are receiving in their own way so they can grow through this experience in their own time and understanding.

Messages through dream space will be quite vivid and important for both pairs as the Higher Selves are doing lots of coordination in the Higher Realms for especially through this Eclipse Corridor. Pay attention to the message which will be incoming from your Divine Counterparts Higher Self as it will tell you all you need to know. And possibly which steps to take next.

By spending time in person or communicating with other twins on this sacred journey can also assist you at the moment if you are currently in physical separation as the twin energy is amplified for more activations and awareness as they can act as a mirror to deepen your understanding and insights. Not only that they will hold a similar energy frequency which helps the Twin Flame collective as a whole to hold the higher energies on Earth, especially during this month of August as we ramp up the frequencies, it also opens the space for more to come into union and by the end of this year many will be in that beautiful space as it coincides with Earth’s Ascension process.

Nature Messages

As I am a great believer that Nature provides insight, messages and inspiration when it’s most needed. All we have to do is be observant and allow our surroundings to provide answers and valuable insight. As I was walking this morning pondering on my next steps not even looking for a specific sign, I looked down and noticed a feather, to me always indicates a ‘Yes’ and that I am being supported. That is actually not uncommon, however in this particular walk more feathers kept appearing and as I walked along the path, there was another and then another. This continued for the duration of the journey until I had almost made it to the end. As I picked up the last feather on the path, another walker approached saying “I am glad you stopped. My dog has been trying to catch up to your dogs the entire way.”

This gave me a great insight and reflection, because I know that for some of us who are steadily moving down the Ascension corridor, at times may have fear or concerns about our loved ones, friends and family that don’t necessarily have the same level of awareness. I have known through most of my own journey you can’t possibly expand your consciousness without experience. And for many of us we had that rapid awakening, we had that massive turning point in our lives where something triggered and we hit that turning point (and I firmly believe that everyone has a ‘wake-up’ alarm clock as I like to call it, where there is a catalyst which you have already planned prior to this incarnation which will WAKE YOU UP).

And I feel the strong message that I received this morning in just observing that for us who are firmly walking down this Ascension pathway and in tune with Gaia’s desire to Ascend and Earth’s frequencies, we are moving with her quite swiftly. We are certainly guided strongly by our Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters & Star Families, they are guiding us in every step of the way, leaving small bread crumbs or, in this case, Feather’s to show us the path, especially when we have those relapse moments of doubt and fear. For those who are coming along on this journey, they are absolutely with us just taking their own steps and having their own experience to be guided by the WayShowers. We are guided by the sometimes ‘unseen’ because of our experience we have absolute faith and trust – even in our own moments of doubt we have the ability to read the signs, have the insight and information come through, where for others the path will be easier for them by having a clearer pathway created by those walking through the vast new space and reality. And that is exactly what we are doing so incredibly well as this is all very new territory for us. Just wanted to share this message as hope and inspiration, as we are pathing the way for a new reality and brighter future for all. If you are having your moments of uncertainty and lack of clarity – just tune in to what Nature has to show you, because it always has important messages.

Massive cosmic waves of love and gratitude to you all as your all doing such amazing work at this time. Keep shining your light brightly enough to inspire others to do the same!

Written by Alisha Braché