Hey Cosmic Wave Surfer’s ~ How are you all travelling? It’s been some pretty intense and erratic energies heading into this Solar Eclipse on 15/16th. I Happen to have a look at the time it starts and for those of you in Melbourne, Aus the partial Eclipse starts at 5.55:51am EST! HUH How about that for the bringer of swift change? Absolutely adore those numbers ~ and also all the numbers which have been making a very prominent appearance over these past few days! Huge amount of 999 – Closing off cycles ~ Cycles Completion, with 000 Zero point energy or some would call the ‘God Code” the new Divine Creation in progress before the new cycle begins.

I have to say it certainly feels that way on so many levels ~ I get a real sense that what we went through back in Eclipse last August was a big swift open chapter which was the training ground and preparation to the next door ways which are about to swing open. I had been getting this message for a while. And now have the ability to really see that it’s taking more concrete form and shape.

For me specifically back in then I was pondering on something…. I had written a question to Higher self as sometime I often do. What was written on paper was something like “Is there a fasttrack way/ easier way towards Ascension?” At the time I’ll be honest I was wallowing in the thoughts of How it had been so hard for me, without a guidebook! And there was absolutely no way I would want anyone else to endure what I had experience if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

I have always been about taking the ‘easier path’ and the hard, painful one is optional but not always the only way.

And of course my desire to help people in the most meaningful way possible.

My mind instantly said NO! Not possible ~ I had to learn so much and it was the only way I could have possibly learnt all that. Yet is that everyone’s path? No

A few days or weeks I’m not entirely sure, however I do know that it was during the time of the Solar Eclipse ~ I was giving one of the biggest ‘downloads’ of information so far. With very specific tools, techniques and insight to personal ascension and what happens with all aspect of self!

It was the most incredible thing. Straight away I started putting it into practice and using it. WOW the results and transformations were amazing! Next phase I gave the technique to a few friends to try… Wow again amazing! Yet so very different for everyone individual to their journey. From that moment my Personal Ascension ~ Self Mastery & Divine Partnership Alignment programs were born.

Since then had such an amazing time taking people through that journey and seeing all sorts of amazing transformation happen on all levels! And it’s been so much fun and I have learnt so much in these past 6 months that it now feels as though it almost ready to take it to the new level!

Just one example how things have been nurtured over the past 6 month and are read to bloom. I’d love you to take some reflection over your own life to see how this has transformed things and elevated them to the next level? Are you feeling it?

TIMELINE SHIFTS: Have been such a big thing especially in the last month and becoming more and more noticable! I was describing it the other day during client sessions of how we know timelines are shifting in our current reality. As quite often leading up to these there can be an enormous amount of pressure stress going on emotions and mental states and be very intense and it feels like we are in that pressure cooker (we are in the process of going through a big release.) Then we go to sleep ~ we have a crazy night of intense dreams and then wake up feeling different in the more, quite often and bit dazed, disoriented and confused.

The physical symptoms are: headaches, dizziness, aches in the body & nausea.
On that day of the physical symptoms it’s time to rest as it’s seems less than productive and having one of those days where you can’t seem to get anything done and this is for a reason.

I have often said on these days there is old timelines dropping away and collapsing and if we put too much energy towards action it’s only feeding energy into the timelines which are slipping away! So the best thing to do is to stay put and go with the flow, it will pass soon than expected; although that will most likely be on of those days where it seems to never end and time passes at a snail’s pace!

The confusion to the mind on these days can be frustrating as we once again are stuck in this in between world where nothing makes sense. This is process is beyond the capacity of the mental mind therefore try your best not to do much over analyzing at this point.

The the beauty of the timeline shift’s comes after the dust has settled so to speak; things get rearrange and the forward movement kicks in again at high gear! New insight inspiration, things you have been waiting on magically just happen, and things just generally feel much better.

The way I see this process is that in each step in the process of our stair step evolution. We outgrow a timeline/lesson/situation we become ready to graduate that part and move to the next. So whatever the particular lesson or situation is seems to exacerbate come to convergence point and it becomes very uncomfortable because we have outgrown it; just like a toddler growing out of their clothing. So we have one last Hurrah before we go and get that new item of clothing that fits us perfectly. Just us in shifting our timelines we jump up into the next highest octave. Anywhere between our 3D – 5D timelines.

So what I have been noticing now is this happening at a much more faster rate than I have ever experience before these timeline shifts, jumps and convergences are happening almost every second day, For me personally and for collectively for humanity you can feel the fast pace of things speeding up like never before. What exciting times we are living in!

Other noticeable and more tangible occurances during these timeline shifts are objects disappearing and reappearing. Or it could be things dematerializing or materializing I have witness so many strange and funny things completely disappearing and coming back in the process of these timelines shift.

So much fun to watch with awe and amazement. Would love to hear from you if you’re also experiencing and noticing these things! In addition Timelines within Divine Partnership aka Twin Soul – Twin Flames are moving and converging towards each other like never before to be completely be open to the magic happening throughout the coming weeks and months ~ This has also been a very prevalent message through my dream space over the past two weeks! Lots of higher preparations going on!

Looking forward to the more amazing things coming through on the horizon over the rest of February.

I love the Animal Symbols which keep rearing up repeatedly and they all have a very similar message so if you are reading this could also be a message for YOU:

Cockatoo: The Cockatoo is a message that miracles will begin to take place ‘in the forefront’ for you. While this may look or appear to be overnight success for you, behind the scenes you’ve put in your work or effort. Your Divine mission will become more obvious and you will begin to work more and further with the special gifts and talents that you have innate within you.


Cricket: “Cricket has found a way towards his desires through vibration, His vibration attracts the mate which is perfect for him, the one who has responded to his call.”


So all in all ~ We are halfway in the month and it has been absolutely jam packed!

Wherever you are at in your journey right now ~ always remember everything is in transition and evolving for the highest good of everyone.

Written by Alisha Braché