I love the way Facebook Memories remind me of things that took place in my life a number of years ago, showing me just how far I have come and how much growth has taken place in a reasonably short period of Earth ‘time.’

Small moment of reflection and pause ~ just to think about how crazy and wild this path has been, and how things are constantly changing even when it feels like nothing is happening.

Four years ago today really was one catalyst turning point of many and I see how the reflective echoes shine a light on what is stirring in the NOW in the collective field. If you are reading this, no doubt there is a message or take away from my experience and the words I feel the push from my higher self to share.

On this day four years ago, I was excitedly going to meet my soul sister and bestfriend who I met while living in Brazil. It had been three years since we had seen each other and the universe had arranged, as it always does, ways that we could come to see each other just for one special day in my home city while the cruise liner she worked on had docked in the harbor.

The days leading up to going to see her, I had been getting such a strong message that I needed to write a handwritten letter and send it back with her to Brazil so she could pass it on to a ‘friend’ of mine who I had met all those years ago. My heart and mind were in deep conflict as I was currently in a relationship that I ‘thought’ was my forever relationship. My conflict was as long as I had contact with this ‘friend’ who was all the way across the globe limited to the occasional ‘Hello hope you’re doing well and Happy Birthday message.’ My life could remain SANE, EASIER & SIMPLE – and I would no longer get swept up by the ongoing fantasy of the possibilities of what the most amazing life could be like with him, and the never ending dreams which connected the two of us. I just wanted to focus on my 3D world, my 3D job, my 3D relationship.

Stop the daydreaming. Focus on REALITY! Stay completely fucking miserable!

But I couldn’t! I couldn’t deny the higher calling – the higher purpose which I knew was inside me and calling me each moment. I had just been through a complete nervous breakdown – I had to quit my high pressured job, to a more simple lifestyle. I was being called to tune in with myself more deeply and lessen distractions from the high pressure and stressful demands of life. And this was what my Higher Self was telling me…! Write a letter… It’s important…It’s urgent… It has to be done…

My resistance was futile as it always is…. My human response was NO, I am not doing it! NO I am not opening up pandora’s box…. NO NO NO!

Well… maybe if I have to….

That early morning drive to meet my soul sister led to one of those crazy conversations with myself…

“If you really want me to write this damn letter, well then you’re going to have to give me a sign, a sign that cannot be ignored.”

Ummmm let’s make this one almost impossible so that the universe cannot deliver within the four hour time limit I had set. That way it keeps things simple and easy in my life and most importantly, I don’t have to write the damn letter!

So I set the stakes extremely high – I set the intention of having one of two signs show themselves to me within four hours. My human mind knew that I had just set the ‘impossible’ and I felt pretty content with that. If the universe could possibly deliver the task I had set, then there was a pretty high governing force which was pushing me beyond the limitations of what I wanted to do and what was seemingly uncomfortable.

If you have been on a Twin Flame journey for quite sometime you can absolutely predict what happens next! In less than two hours (so half the deadline time) both signs were delivered to me in the most auspicious way.

I almost  spat out my coffee and fell off my chair at the same time. It was in that moment that I knew that if the universe could pull that off – then I had to fulfill my end of the bargain.

Without thinking I dragged my soul sister into the car and raced home. I grabbed pen and paper and thought, ‘What on earth am I going to write?!’ Looking back, that was the first time that I was consciously aware of embodying my Higher Self. I have absolutely no recollection of what I wrote. My whole body was shaking and I couldn’t hear anything around me. I was so focused on what I had to put into that letter. I signed it. Placed it in an envelope and handed it to my soul sister. She didn’t want to deliver it, but she had no choice.

The rest of the day was filled with synchronicity. As though the Gods were smiling upon us. We could feel the tremendous sense of momentum building. The dreams of long ago were starting to reignite once again.

The importance of bringing the new children through to part the way for a new era had become apparent once again. Five months had past since the letter was written. It had gone out of my mind, but the memories of that day were still vivid and clear. One morning I woke to an unexpected email in response to the letter. It took me by surprise; I think I was more shocked about what I had written than he was. He asked me what was this ‘great plan’ and how did I believe he could help with it? I didn’t even know or understand what the plan was in all honesty I have absolutely no idea what was written, if only my higherself could let me in on this secret…

Back then raising global consciousness was not in my vocabulary, neither was the term twin flame, all I was privy to was that there was something happening, something important which I was being prepared and being pulled swiftly towards and I had no choice but to follow this call….

In summary, if you too feel the call to connect, write, email or text. If there is something bigger than yourself which is pulling you towards opening new communication channels, embrace the call and follow. Don’t allow your fears and human mind to limit or hold you back from your Divine Plan. Everything has a purpose even if you cannot make sense of it right now. In the words of Steve Jobs, ‘you can only connect the dots by looking back.’

Trust, follow and know that this is far more greater than just you or your Divine Partner. Allow the heart to lead the way – the signs and signals will path the right way even if you can’t figure it all out right now it will make perfect sense in time to come.

Be open to new ways to communicate, none of us are the same person, we have all changed, grown and evolved ~ so we can be open to new possibilities to have open communication from soul to soul. Be the support for one another so that we can through our experiences, challenges and adversities grow together so we can all embody the change we want to see and shine the light for others as we are in the precipice of the NEW WORLD now emerging.

Shine your light brightly so that other people’s paths and be illuminated with love

Written by Alisha Braché