March Messages  ~ Everything that you have been working towards over these past few years is coming to the forefront this month to put in practice and mastery.

Keep practising what you have been mastering – whatever that is for you in your own journey in regards to what makes a positive difference in the world ~ Everything we put out has an effect from the smallest to the largest act of love and goodwill.

Let go of the things that no longer feel good especially any aspect of times when you feel you have been done wrong by others in any capacity. The Victim program is one that has been deeply ingrained in humanity for such a long time.

Regardless of what has gone on before in your experience from our human perspective, it can be very hard to digest especially if it’s caused pain and suffering, however, from a soul perspective it’s all just learning from different situations and remembering you can here to become the master of your own experience and this is the deep part of it. To be able to experience these lower emotions and transcend them through the Ascension journey.

Forgiveness could be a big theme for many as we release these old wounds personally and collectively. One story I always go back to in times of forgiveness and direct others to is one written by Donald Neal Walsh – titled “The little soul and the Sun.” you can read it here:

In summary, we are all here just to teach one another all aspects of this experience of duality. But not for much longer…..

Hold your own personal energy within you strong – as a part of raising your own frequency. If you need to take time away from others do so; as your own process is the most important ~ fill your own cup first and then when it’s overflowing you can assist others through your frequency will magnetically attract those who will vibe with you. If you get inspirational guidance to do something important and are not sure of all the details ~ you don’t need to know all the details just keep following and the piece will come together.

If the earth falls away from your feet – spread your wings and soar! Now is the time like no other.

As we go through big frequency shifts; which continue to grow with their velocity – means that things that aren’t in match will drop out – friends, family, job, living location, even down to social media subscribers or YouTube accounts with all the censorship going on at present with the truth speakers in the Disclosure arena, can be looked at a big frequency shift dropping away from one audience to move into different audiences and even new social media platforms. No matter what goes on always keep in the forefront of your mind it’s always in your highest good, something more suitable is incoming and you need to follow and trust. Having said that the time when things happen rapidly and unexpectedly can be frustrating to our ‘human aspect’ because we don’t fully understand or see the big picture. Yet it definitely exists.

Keep very present in the moment – and keep taking leaps forward – definitely not the month to be looking backwards. Things seem to be completely changing moment to moment. As new and higher timeline keep open up more swiftly and much more noticeable as we go along. Have you been observant of the ‘glitches’ in reality as things shift. The Mandela Effect in full swing ~ noticing things changing can be quite amusing and fun to experience and observe.

March the month of two Full Moons just like we had back in January – The first was on the 2nd/3rd of March and will be having the second one will be on 30th/31st a ‘Blue Moon’ the name which is given to the second Full Moon in the same calendar month normally rare hence the saying ‘once in a Blue Moon’ not so rare at the moment. These always tend to bring about big changes. Which I will blog about more when I feel guided to closer to the end of the month.

If that’s not enough to jam pack into a month we also have March Equinox 21st/22nd – I keep finding myself reflecting back on last year and what I experienced during March Equinox. Which was some MASSIVE High Energies Days. I think it lasted for 3 days, it was amazing I was feeling completely blissed out by the beauty of everything. Big energies which I basked in and consciously worked with to send out in the collective field, I was uninterrupted for that period of time as it felt amazing and important to do that anchoring of such high frequencies.

A precursor of things to come this year for more people? Who knows we will have to wait and see. Very interesting with all the talk and buzz about the big waves of energy coming in March as many people seem to suspect. Once again I like to reiterate that timelines shifting so fast anything can happen so the best is to stay as present as possible. As we watch and observe with awe during this profound time in earth’s transformation.

One thing that I have noticed and observed recently that the energy coming in is so strongly that more and more people feeling and sensing it; people who previously haven’t felt anything like this before. If you have been surfing these waves for a while; it could be your time to help and support other who might not understand what is going on.

Having said that it’s not a time to force ideals or concepts to people not open to what your saying because let’s face it no one likes to be force feed anything; and a good time to keep in mind that everyone experience own aspects of reality at different rates and everyone is at their own pace of evolution. Yet listen to what they are experiencing and offer support as your intuitively guided to and plant seeds for them for when they are ready 🙂 And keep up all the amazing work!

I do lots of sessions with people at all stages of awakening ~ with a very notable number of people who resonate as being a ‘starseed’ or walking the twin journey. Nothing from me is too ‘out there’ or ‘crazy’ that the best part of my world!

So just in case you have been having those moments “Am I just completely crazy, am I losing my mind?” The simple answer: You’re losing your mind to gain a higher level of consciousness 🙂

Written by Alisha Braché