Energy compatibility ~ effects on intimacy ~ Sacred Sexuality ~ Twin Flames ~ Divine Partnership

I have pondered on writing this for quite sometime now as I think this is something that affects many people however not broadly spoken about. As it has been a very big theme throughout conversations and sessions this week I felt it was the right time to share my insight and what working with others has shown me over many years.

Firstly I would like to point out that it’s very important while reading this or anything that you come to your own conclusions and what resonates as truth for your own experience. One of the reasons I have put off writing about this is it could come across as a controversial or taboo topic and I don’t like to create ripples of controversy, yet as I sat with it, I realised that that isn’t entirely true, I actually love controversy as it has the capacity to create positive changes and sometimes that is necessary. Just know that it comes from a place of deep respect for what sometimes can be a rather sensitive topic.

So let’s begin, SEX! Now I completely have your attention… What many people start to experience while on their awakening journey is that the function of sex as what it once was is beginning to change and transform. As we delve deep into inner and outer transformation this can be confusing and confronting for people as more and more people are finding that the functionality of ‘getting down’ can no longer working as it was. When I say this I am referring to erectile dysfunction for men and in the same way for women well how can I say ‘closed shop’.

My understanding of what I like to call energy compatibility for couples is becoming much more prominent as we move through this planetary transformation. Of course, we have seen the term ‘Twin Flames’ becoming much more present over the past few years as people are seeking, connecting, and finding their counterparts. As a result of this, relationships are ended and also evolve depending on your individual path.

Many people who have experienced these encounters and connections with an energy-suitable partner, regardless of the name you chose to call it, and haven’t as yet been able to harmonize in a more committed relationship with their counterpart at this stage in the game, are going on a solo journey for inner self-love or choosing to stay in their current relationship for a variety of reasons. Many find that intimacy and sexual connection are either limited or no longer work. This can be challenging and confusing for some as they tend to put pressure on themselves that something is ‘wrong with them’. Which in most cases highlights the issue even further.

Also, this can be the case when people have had some level of connection with a Twin or energy-compatible partner and then in the 3D world are still riding solo. If you have been on this path, know the challenges and frustrations it can present and decided to ‘try’ and disconnect from the intensity of the connection and ‘move on’, go back to dating or looking for someone who will be a suitable match even for a short while.

Only to find that they are not really interested in having sexual connection when it comes to ‘crunch time’ or even if the will and desire might be there, that the body just switches off when it comes time for the performance.

So why is that? I think it comes down to a very simple answer in most cases, and that answer is that the heart space is not fully engaged. Obviously, there can be many contributing factors in today’s society such as stress, the influence of substance, past traumas and so forth that’s why it’s hard to write something general as one size fits all because it simply just doesn’t. However, in my perception, it’s becoming more apparent for many people’s experience that we are moving away from just having sex for a temporary fix of relief of filling a void to feel loved so we don’t address our healing within.

Some lyrics come to mind as I write this “He uses love for sex and sure she uses sex for love.” Very common in a 3D society where people connect as a way of filling a void, as a fix, to temporarily feel good, yet the inner feeling that they are trying to avoid or find isn’t being achieved in the long term as they go back to square one.

Many people on a spiritual path may choose celibacy as a ‘rite of passage’ for a period of time and this may also be suitable at times, yet I am not saying that there is anything wrong with having sex. It is the most powerful force on the planet when used with the correct intention and with the right person. In times gone by it has certainly been misunderstood, used and abused.

As we are starting to awaken on the planet to who we really are on a soul level, the knowledge of this is rising back. The true power of ‘sacred sexuality’ as it’s referred to is the power of the union of two energy-compatible beings connecting and merging their energy fields, now this can happen through an intimate expression of lovemaking as it is the physical expression of how two souls can connect on the deepest level in physical form, as the purpose of feeling once again a state of connection to source energy and wholeness. It’s within this alchemical process that can trigger a Kundalini awakening, open the heart chakra, and bring on remembrance of who they are on a soul level. Now this process doesn’t always happen at first connection and can develop slowly over time, it just really depends on the soul’s chosen experience.

This is the most powerful and profound state of manifestation through this deep sense of connection and love, which can be used for the greater good, to enhance each other’s lives and also the energy that is created. From my perception is also anchoring 5D energy into the planet.

This practice holds huge amounts of energy, power and transformation, thus it then makes sense as we move into highly charged energetic times that energy is everything and truly to be used in the purest of intentions which can benefit the whole. That when couples come together and they may look as though they are compatible on a surface physical level, one thing I know to be true is that energy never lies.

If the energy is not compatible or not in harmony that energy will not be generated.

Yet when the heart is fully engaged and two beings who share the same unique energy signature come together in this physical union, not only does it have the power to transform themselves but the energy is magnified and radiates outward and brings a higher dimensional frequency to the planet.

This can be achieved together in the physical union of love-making expression as well as from afar, as we become more sensitive to energy our own and that of a divine partner, this energy-merging process of sexual alchemy can also be experienced energetically as well and this powerful energy can be felt from one side of the globe to the other, which has the power to connect two heart spaces and the energy brought forth impact everything in between to shift into a higher vibration.

It’s very common for me to hear that people can sense the energy connection of their counterpart from afar in this union of sexual expression as though it is physical and tangible as though they are physically together. And in other cases a person’s counterpart may already be Ascended as we call it, simply meaning that they are not in physical form.

The nature of connecting and merging energies is far beyond sexual pleasure than what we have known from a 3D perspective. This is a process that allows a person to connect with the divinity of who they are, that facet of god/source that lies within them through the connection of another person. So that they can see and embody their highest potential. Going through the Ascension process or activating their ‘rainbow body’ as it’s called in Eastern philosophy.

The ancient Egyptians practiced this, what is known as Ankhing their sexual energy as this is the key to immortality aka Ascension. In very simple terms, at the point of orgasm, there is a release of energy that moves through the energy column and up throughout the top of the head. Ankhing is to be able to move that energy as it hits the heart space it loops just as the Ankh symbol and circles this energy around the top of the head and back into the body to retain an energy boost.

What I have understood and practised for years is being able to hold that energy in the heart space with the highest intentions for bringing this higher dimensional energy into the planet to see all beings live in peace and harmony. As a disclaimer yes this can also be used to manifest desires, yet there are no doubt ramifications if this is used in a way that would violate the natural order and divine will.

So as you can see there is so much more to the Divine Partnership connection than just a romantic relationship, there is great power and with that comes a great deal of respect and honour for these sacred relationships and they are one of the powerful connections that help us Ascend into a higher level of consciousness and energy embodiment yet also through this helps our beloved Gaia, mother earth go through her Ascension process too.

There is great love to be found in this world and as we move further on, I do believe that sex as we have known it for eons will also evolve to a place where it will be optional yet not essential. Energy merging can also achieve the same heightened states of pleasure, bliss and nirvana beyond what we have known through physical intimacy.

As this energy merges it creates a third energy, which is the co-creation energy where life is birthed. Conscious conception of a child or birth of a project, depending on the joint soul intention of the couple and the soul’s path.

As we are currently at this very important junction point of the planet’s process of transformation, we are being called to connect, live and love in very authentic and conscious ways, keep your intentions and energy anchoring this beautiful higher frequency into the planet as we can all benefit.

As more 5D energy floods the planet it creates the most perfect environment for Divine Counterparts to come together, live and work together. As the energy work is finalizing for some, the outward action of co creation of new beautiful things can begin.

Written by Alisha Braché

Lemuria ~ Twin Souls ~ Interdimensional Conception ~ New Earth Children

Lemuria: The civilisation of Lemuria is one of an ancient lost civilization that existed prior to the time of Atlantis. Which dates back to 12,500 years ago, the large continent is believed to be stretched over parts of the South Pacific region. One theory of why no traces of this civilization have been uncovered is that it was on a different dimension from where our current civilisation is today. Many feel they have a strong connection with this civilisation having past life incarnations, much information is available through people’s own experiences of recalling these memories through past life regression, memory recall and through channellings.

On Lemuria, they were living on a higher dimensional existence of what we would consider the 5th Dimension. They were very intuitive and psychic, which allowed them foresight that they were coming to the end of Earth’s cycle which would see Earth move down into a 3rd dimensional existence. For a period of time, the inhabitants of Earth would experience a contrast of duality and separation, before moving back into higher dimensional of living. This would then give the opportunity for Earth and all people who lived during this time to Ascend into this higher way of living and return to a 5th-dimensional state.

Many of the Lemurians during this time, chose to move to different locations around the world. They would store their important and sacred knowledge. The path chosen for some would be that they would keep incarnating upon Earth through various lifetimes to participate in the preparation of seeding this wisdom and knowledge. Throughout our indigenous tribes still practicing the form of interdimensional conception, which would enable them to bring forth highly evolved souls into Earth to help teach and show the way for humanity to Ascend at the turn of the next Evolutionary Cycle.

We see this throughout history from Ancient Egyptians, many tribes throughout South, Central & North America, Aboriginals of Australia, the Essene Community, the high plateaus of Tibet and Northern Indian Region – they all brought forth leaders who led the way and formed many of our traditional religions which we see present today. The core of the message from each one is the same no matter what label you place upon it.

Earth has been through many cycles in the past which at the time brings about a pole shift and aligns with a consciousness shift of the entire planet. During the transitional phase of each cycle, the world moves into a phase of chaos that collapses governing structures such as financial, social, and political and Earth experiences great geographical changes of extreme weather patterns and the sinking of entire continents as we saw during the rise and fall of Atlantis.

As we have been seeing signs of this transition on Earth over the past few years and as we move further into turbulent times, it certainly poses much more exciting changes for us. They can be felt by sensitive souls who know deep within their hearts that they came forth during this time.

Lemuria knew and understood that this time would come and in essence, have come back to incarnate – having within them soul essence and understanding of how to interdimensionaly conceive children of a higher frequency to help bring about new Wayshowers into our New Earth. This is something that the soul knows and understands yet not necessarily a conscious awareness of the individuals performing this sacred act.

To understand this process better we need to look at the aspect of Twin Souls more commonly known as Twin Flames. These are the essence of the same soul inhabiting two bodies the polarity of the divine masculine and divine feminine counterparts. At the beginning of creation was one and then chose to split apart to experience duality and separation, the main point is to have as many experiences as possible throughout all their incarnations with the objective of coming back together in the final Earth incarnation to go through the unification and ascension process together.

Many of these Twin Souls had their very first Earth incarnation together on Lemuria where the higher frequencies of Earth gave them a suitable environment to live together harmoniously. Many of these Twin Souls were trained and had the ability to interdimensionaly conceive a child of higher vibration for the purpose of their communities.

As we descended into lower frequencies on Earth since the time of Lemuria these twin souls have gone about all their incarnations separately. Either incarnating at the same time in different locations, with very little probability of crossing paths or alternating incarnations as one would live out a lifetime as the other guides them from the other side. At each point in a Major Earth cycle, they could choose to come back together to bring forth a master through the process of interdimensional conception of a child and raise this child together.

In what we have seen in some cases, the mother chose to have the incarnation without the physical presence of the father in that lifetime yet the process is still carried out in the same way, in what we would witness a divine or virgin birth. No doubt in these stories there is always a form of father caretaker who has chosen to play the role of father, yet not necessarily the actual father as the child was conceived on a higher dimensional level by their twin soul on the other side. Regardless of how the process takes place, the importance of the masculine father’s role in the physical is one of great importance for the love, nurture, and upbringing of the child.

In the current day what we are witnessing more and more is Twin Souls incarnating into the planet at the same time to come together for the unification and Ascension process. Not only for themselves. This frequency is experienced as this pair reunites for the first time in a long time helping the earth Ascension process for the benefit of all.

As part of this process, some of these Twin Souls have agreed to come back and bring forth highly evolved souls into the planet through interdimensional conception the same way they did during their incarnation on Lemuria. Although still in our semi-awakened state in some cases not consciously aware of this agreement until the process has already taken place.

As these Twin Souls have a unique blend of energy that compliments and interacts as one, this process could take the place of the conception of a child without physical contact as they are constantly interacting on higher dimensional levels. It would make perfect sense as these souls have already participated in this process before in other various incarnations, they are simply tapping into what their soul already knows how to do naturally.

In actual fact, it may be the only way the soul knows how to bring forward new life. This is very important for two reasons one being that during this time Earth is going through its own Ascension process into the 5th dimension. It is one of the pathways to Ascension for souls who chose this path. The other reason being is that birthing a soul through what we would consider normal terms in our 3D dimensional paradigm can karmically link both parents to Earth. As mentioned previously when Twin Souls come back for unification they are graduates and no longer need to incarnate back on Earth, therefore interdimensionally conceiving and birthing a child in this way negates any Karmic ties with the child and with Earth.

This information comes from my own insight and personal experience, now exploring some text of what others have said about the topic.

According to the teachings of Thoth via the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek in the Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life Volume 1 & 2.

“This was the first Mystery school in this cycle of earth where Ay and Tiya taught others resurrection or ascension through tantra which means union with God through Sexual practices. This inter-dimensional lovemaking was taught to about 1000 people which created 333 families who were able to do this. If they continued teaching this process, they would have changed the whole race into a new form of consciousness. God then determined this was not the right time for this. The Lemurians were highly developed and were psychic so, knew beforehand the sinking of their lands was going to take place. They moved their artifacts to places now known as Lake Titicaca and Mount Shasta, among other places.”

Interesting information on the origins of the people in Lemuria and also how they conceived and birthed children comes from a book called – “Coming Home to Lemuria” by Charmain Redwood

“As ancient Lemurians, we first came to Earth as fluid Beings of Light who could assume any body shape or form. Everything in our society was created from liquid light. We came from the source as Golden Light filtered through the Great Central Sun where we created form as Elohim or Lords or Light. The energy from the Great Central Sun was filtered again through the star systems. As highly evolved Beings of Light who had travelled beyond the Light, we were able to move through dimensions easily as we do now in our human form as we fly through the air aeroplanes/gliders/jets/rockets, hang gliders etc. We carried our consciousness to many different star systems including Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades, Alpha Centauri, Orion and also Venus, as we collected skills and knowledge from each system to use on Earth.”

“In the beginning the female and male energy and that of the child would all blend their essences together as light before they started to create the physical vehicle for the child to embody, ensuring that the combination was suitable. Throughout this, a group of people toned into the entire point of the circle to support the unique combination of the individuals involved. In addition, there were people who would monitor the process to determine if the parents and children were going to be in vibrational harmony.

The monitors saw the colours in the energy field of all three entities and observed what happened when they came together. If their frequencies didn’t match energetically they didn’t go through with the birth. If the frequencies matched, the child was created in unity consciousness with the parents coming together as one. To create the child male and female entities would come together and join energies at the crown, heart and sacral chakras. They would use sound to tone the child into being. The couple would join hands to create an energy flow between their hearts.

They would focus the Love energy through conscious awareness to create the child. They used their breath to build the energy, breathing love into each other and creating the child between them. The parents connected all their chakras, merging their light bodies. The two matrices of the male and female moved in and through one another and from that merging, a totally new geometry was formed.”

As we are now in the in-between phase of moving from the 3rd dimensional state into the 5th many women are starting to experience becoming pregnant interdimensionally and having the ability to bring forth higher-frequency children. The gestation period may be longer than our 3rd dimensional paradigm 40 weeks, as it takes longer to bring forth these souls into physical form. They require the perfect energetic environment to come forth into this world. Their birth into existence helps with the evolutionary shift with the planet moving into a higher dimension.

During this time and the transition of the earth shift many women are now going through this experience including myself ~ this is a huge focus of my work in understanding the process and assisting others through this journey as it is one of the many ways through the Ascension process. It’s miraculous, beyond this world and I can honestly say the most life-changing process to go through. This is written from my own soul understanding and experience. And would encourage anyone who is going through this to know that you aren’t alone as I have been in the background supporting many women through various stages of this process and although I haven’t openly shared this work I have felt it wasn’t the right time until now.

Through each person, I work with I gain deeper and more valuable insight and understanding of the process and see it from a bigger perspective. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind this plays a major role in the Ascension process and as everything unfolds and transforms so does, this process of birthing children in every aspect from the preparation of the body, twin connection, energy/light conception, gestation timeframe (moving out of linear time) and the birth process too.

Written by Alisha Braché

Twin Souls ~ Evolution 3D to 5D Earth ~ New Civilization of Human Relationships

Over recent years the term Twin Flame or Twin Soul has become more commonly known as more people are going through their own personal awakening/Ascension journey which has been activated by another person with whom they share a very deep soul connection.

This point sends them on a quest to find out what this is. And why it feels so different to anything else they have ever experienced before so they start to look online and find the information about Twin Flames and there is a sense of relief, context for what they are experiencing and that they aren’t completely insane.

There are others out there going through similar experiences, this is great because it sets a sense of ‘normalizing’ what to most people who don’t understand this type of connection and think they have just ‘lost their mind’ and living in a ‘fantasy world’… Well, that fantasy world is the 5D connection or Higher Self-connection that you hold with that other person.

This is where it can become challenging and confusing because there is so much information out there that people share based on their own experience and perception and that sense of ‘normalising’ then becomes distorted as human beings we are very conditioned to put things into boxes and say “well it fits into this so it must be this way.” I too have been guilty of this from time to time on my own path. It’s really a process of going through and using pieces of information that help so that we can adjust to our own sense of knowing and trusting our own journey. The most beautiful part is connecting with others (Soul Family) walking this journey and sharing experiences to help us understand our own journey better because we all hold pieces of this massive puzzle.

What I have learned through my own journey and through working with clients walking this path, is that it’s certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ type of journey and you certainly can’t place it into boxes. The further along your journey and look back you start to see with more and more clarity looking back connecting the dots from your own life path and also the further your consciousness expands you see it from the bigger perspective too.

I am the type of person who likes to see and get a sense of the bigger picture and how it all interlinks, and how that information can benefit everyone; so the purpose of writing this article is to try to describe how I view the bigger perspective of the twin journey through my own experience and what I have learnt through openly viewing the many clients I have worked with to get the bird’s eye view.

I am incredibly grateful that I wasn’t sharing information prior to this point because if I had; I realize how outdated and distorted my own information would have been, while I was going through various stages of my own awakening. And with saying that, know that this is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ to how it will continue to evolve.

Things continue to expand daily and one day this article too will be outdated. But until then I feel excited to share what I have learned so far from the bigger perspective. Once again keep in mind while reading these words that we all have our own inner truth and I always encourage people to trust what is true for them. Allow your own inner compass to guide you. If it resonates amazing and I am so pleased that I could have been of service, if it doesn’t great too, trust your own instincts.

So with saying all that let’s begin!

As Earth is going through this process of evolution from 3D into 5D this affects the relationships that we have and why so many people are connecting with Twins at this time.

3D paradigm relationships are based on a more physical perspective, we seek a partner based on things like compatibility on likes, dislikes, physical attraction, occupation, and social status, it’s a very logical process of “well he makes a decent living and can provide a good life.” or “we have so much in common” or “it just works and we are comfortable.”

The standard archetype as we have known boy meets girl falls in love, we work hard in our 9-5 job, we build a life, have 2.5 kids and live in a house with a white picket fence. Obviously, this is just the stereotype but I think you get my point.

5D Society is very different everything works more in harmony from an energetic perspective. Therefore relationships are compatible based on an energy or frequency match and a heart level connection. It’s the total opposite of anything logical, it’s energetic, it’s magnetic and when in balance and harmonized it’s nothing short of magical.

So what we are witnessing now on a global level as part of this planetary shift is that people who were very happy in the most compatible 3D relationship are feeling their soul’s calling for something greater, the relationships that were built from a 3D construct are seemingly falling apart, intimacy is non-existent, the connection that once was strong is no longer there, and through this process feeling a sense of detachment, as though two people are occupying a house like roommates or almost complete strangers.

Then one or both parties start to question, seek and truly ask themselves “Is this what life is meant to be?” (one common scenario of million possibilities.)

Now keep in mind there is also the scenario that two people can move through this transition together and transform their relationship from 3D to 5D connection, as I have seen this too, yet it does require time apart in some cases and lots of solo time in inner contemplation and soul seeking. ~ I think that’s a whole other topic and article.

I am just going to focus on the ending of the 3D relationship and finding the 5D connection for now.

What happens is the process of moving out of one relationship and calling in a compatible match 5D relationship a Twin Soul connection. This encounter is very much a fated connection as it’s already assigned before birth. This connection is intense, irrational, emotional and has nothing logical about it. And all by the grand design.

In more cases than not, from what I have seen these connections are compatible from an energy perspective in the same way it was on other ancient civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis which were a civilization on a higher dimensional existence. And for people who identify as starseeds aka connection to living on and having incarnations on other planets. This too is part of that 5D society and energy connection.

So let’s have a look at how civilizations work and function from a 5D perspective. Everything is about energy, frequency, balance, harmony, and working together with the community in ways that serve everyone. Relationships are formed from energy compatibility where they can use that combined energy to be in service and work from a soul perspective to enhance their communities and the civilization as a whole.

Keep this in mind because this is a very important aspect when it comes to Twin Soul connection. It’s purposeful from a Soul and Energy perspective to work together in harmony on a shared soul mission that could only be possible by working in unison. Also, other pairs will join together and the amplification of multiple twin pairs creates an even more powerful energy to use that co-creative consciousness to create a large soul mission.

So what we are in the process of right now on planet Earth is we individually and collectively are moving from the 3D paradigm of relationships into 5D civilisation and this had been possible by a massive number of these twin pairs, starseeds & lightworkers who have chosen to incarnate into Earth during this time and play their role in this planetary shift, first in consciousness and then follows the energy match to create a dimensional shift. This is very much part of an inevitable evolutionary cycle that occurs every 26,000 years give or take a few.

However, we are very privileged and at the same time very important part of the process.

As more and more energy comes into the planet and the earth is swiftly vibration higher and higher this is affecting these twin connections through their own individual ascension process so that they can match earth’s frequency and also act as conductors of energy to anchor and spread these higher frequencies of light across the globe.

As this process amplifies to its tipping point it creates a grid or web of light which interacts with Earth’s electromagnetic field.

So imagine if you will the idea of the intense love you have which can generate sometimes spontaneously from your heart centre as you think about your twin soul (if you have made that connection) or if not the great love you have thinking about something you love deeply and how that energy completely encompasses your heart, mind and energy body….

It’s so powerful and can impact people for thousands of miles. That feeling creates a pulse-like energy and impacts the collective consciousness.

So think about over the past years many people going through the twin soul dance of separation and back together, in love, in hate, the ups and downs the highs and lows…. All at the same time what is that doing to the collective energy field? It’s going through its own purging and higher energy balancing each time raising the frequency on this planet through each part of the process…. Higher and Higher we Go…..

It’s like an expanding and contracting ongoing cycle until it pushes through the higher octave and balances out. Similar to a woman giving birth our Earth is birthing herself and a whole new reality in the process.

So now imagine if every twin pair on the planet spontaneously went into that crazy love bubble experience at the same time around the planet, image what that could do to impact the energy field around the earth! That impact would be paramount to this process and the potential to activate the entire collective field to a higher state of unconditional love for each other and raise the whole frequency of the earth in an instant. Talk about the “Event!” That would be the biggest event this galaxy has ever seen!

As it’s pretty clear we are moving swiftly towards this incredible tipping point, this perspective is of course just one aspect of how twin pairs are contributing towards this planetary shift. It has been my insight for many years that twin pairs haven’t able to come into a physical union or if they are already in a physical union complete energy harmonization yet because the energy on Earth isn’t fully ready to hold space for these powerhouse couples to stand in full harmonized energy embodiment.

Everything we have been working towards in preparation was the training wheels so that we could go through our own awakening and empowerment journey, learning more about who we are on a soul level and what we are here to do. So that we could build up to this point and go through this transition of 3D energy embodiment to 5D energy embodiment and at the most perfect moment of that galactic pulse of energy it will activate all to the levels which were unattainable before.

As this energy on the planet rises whether it’s an instant tipping point or a more incremental step-by-step, one thing for sure is that these very high energies which have been hitting the planet since March are only increasing and it’s only a matter of time where this planet will be the perfect energy environment for 5D Harmonised relationships and more excitingly the high-frequency children who are coming through to create a whole New Earth & Civilisation.

Written by Alisha Braché

Old Masculine Template Dissolving ~ Death of Illusion ~ Sudden & Swift Changes!

As we experience these higher waves of energy continuing to flood the planet; this higher octave of frequency leaves no stone unturned in its path of full illumination. For many of us who have been going through this process for many years, one thing is very clear… Speed and momentum have picked up beyond light-speed pace!

As part of this process, 3D energy templates continue to be broken down and dissolved. As this happens we watch parts of our old world and society breakdown which sometimes be can be terrifying at times, yet it’s all for the betterment of Humanity you see without the old outdated and worn-out templates and structures transforming, the new isn’t possible; yet new is inevitable as evolution is taking place now before our very eyes.

Right now we are witness to the Old Masculine Template going through this massive restructure. As this process proceeds these very deep and ancient wounds which have been buried are now surfacing to be healed and transformed. So as the old dies it creates space for the new Template to be alive to stand in truth, authenticity and power.

I am sharing what I have experienced over these past weeks which has been such a powerful indication of what is reflected in the Masculine Collective Energy at present. And importantly the best way to support this transformation process.

I also know the importance of sharing so that others can have a greater depth of understanding of what may be unfolding. (Please keep in mind as you read these words, that we all hold the masculine and feminine energy/templates within and it will manifest more or less in different forms. This is NOT gender related although it potentially could have a deeper effect on some more than others. Depending on your frequency inner balance of masculine & feminine and of course your own personal Ascension journey.
In other words, have your own experience while reading this take what resonates leave what doesn’t and absolutely share with your soul brothers and sister if you think this might help someone else.)

Without further adieu let’s just jump right into it:

Sunday 8th April ~ I was finishing up some artwork, which came to my awareness only when the second painting was almost completed. It was symbolic of the Ascension process from the Feminine and Masculine perspective just as the Sacred Mystery Schools had the left and right ‘eye of Horus. There were two ways of going through one process or possibly two perspectives of the same process.

I was about to complete the second painting… The Masculine one… As I was laying down the final brush strokes (completing the process) I started to feel tightness in my chest and, anxiety and completely thrown off balance. I decided to break and have a shower… As soon as I did that I felt the fear wash over me… I was trembling with an ‘out of control’ feeling which washed over me. I started resighting over and over “I can’t control it, I can’t control it!” It came out of nowhere and it seemed to be directly connected to finalising the artwork of the ‘Masculine Ascension Process.” It felt far greater than just me and I needed time to go into this energy and transmute it.

It was in that process I developed the deeper awareness I had tapped into what I call the “Masculine Collective Energy Template” and things were about to crack wide open…In amongst all this, my dogs had managed to get open the gate and run away… I knew this wasn’t being shown as a coincidence and it was certainly part of the message I was being show, after hours of driving around looking for them and processing everything that was flooding into my consciousness. I realised that they weren’t far away and the act of seeking was eluding me, I knew better and I could just call them back through my heartspace…

As I started to do this I was tapping in the centre of my high heart repeating the words “It’s time to come back home.” Sure enough moments later my male dog was on the street finding his way back home. They had separated, which was a first. I picked him up in the car and drove back home only upon arriving my female dog was waiting for me at the front door… Both looked as though they had been on one hell of a journey, muddy, exhausted, a limping (only a little). They were so exhausted yet happy to have returned home and reunited together. What transpired over those few hours felt like eternity yet it was all over in the blink of an eye. Like everything we experience, the universe delivers us a message if we choose to pay attention and also that that message can be understood at so many levels of consciousness.

What was a message for you?

I knew this was just the precursor to what would continue to unfold over the coming days; as I tend to get the ‘heads up’ beforehand. And sure enough….

Only a few days later I was called into an Energy Session which needed immediate attention; something which took me by surprise yet I knew it was important and I was about to be shown something in relation to all the experiences in the lead-up… I was given an intuitive ‘heads-up’ the night before that something big was very transpiring. And also had been pondering over the question of the difference in the Ascension process for the Masculine and Feminine paths.

On a side note, I have been working with Energy Healing for almost half my life now; I have NEVER seen anything like this. It was actually very graphic and I found it quite shocking. Even though I was working on one particular person I was also aware that this was representative of the “Masculine Collective Energy Template” and what is transpiring at present!

The lower three chakras (Base/Sacral/Solar Plexus) were shown as open wounds, similar to a very large open gunshot wound in which the bandage had been taken off because it hadn’t been healed properly; and now needed the assistance of having proper attention and care.

The heart chakra was a completely closed wound where stitches had been left in creating a cross shape possibly looking like someone who has had major heart surgery and the full function wasn’t yet at full capacity.

The three higher chakras (Throat, Third Eye & Crown) we looking ‘working’ yet the colour was very dull, what seemed to be the disconnection with the heart wasn’t allowing the energy to flow and there was a misalignment between 3D chakras towards the 5D chakras. I worked through the process as I was best guided to. It was a very different technique that was required to do such heavy-duty energy work, let alone the time involved in what generally be the normal timeframe for one complete session, this equivalent time frame was dedicated just for the lower three Chakras.

That’s when it all started to make more sense, this is where the old Masculine Template held the 3D chakras it was now time to heal that and allow the space for it to evolve into something higher…
The visual that accompanied this was the energetic unplugging of the 3D cord into the Earth Energy Grid and reconnecting into the 5D Earth Energy Grid.

This to me felt very monumental and I needed time afterwards to really process and best understand what I was being shown… At first reluctant to share this information, however as the days followed it became more evidently clear that this was a time in which many people were going through a big transition and by sharing we can all have better wisdom and knowledge to assist our fellow soul brothers and sisters.

So how will this manifest in your world? Perhaps it already is and this is just a confirmation?

It’s different to everyone in accordance with their soul’s growth and path. Here is some key points which I was given in a download as I started to create more artwork inspired by the Twin Soul Energy connection and what I see during my Energy Alignment sessions:

Death of an old phrase, Ego surrendered, the truth coming to the light, healing can begin, the search for truths begins, answers come in, very swift movement and the illumination phase can begin.

These words were telepathically transmitted and repeated over and over until I had written them down.

Shortly after this, my memory was triggered by the very first article I wrote about Twin Flames almost a year ago. I was shown once again this experience ~ with a part that was also included which didn’t make so much sense at the time.. Which was a sequence of numbers… And then it hit me… April 2018! OMG! That message I received back then was showing me in advance for now! See the article about Twin Grids completion here:

It now fully started to make perfect sense like a crystal clear image…. We are without a doubt in my mind in the final completion of the “Twin Flame 5D Energy Grids” and the process I was shown and wrote about last year. All the key points are aligning and it seems like the “Masculine Energy Template” is one of the last pieces of the puzzle to be put into place.

This is an exciting time and phase right now; as once the energy is correct that’s when things can line up in our physical reality. Very much what I do on an Individual level with my Energy Sessions this is Globally, for Humanity! I can’t really describe to you how overwhelming this is for me personally as within the very essence of my heart and soul this is why I came here to Earth to assist Gaia with this process. Every other aspect of my Twin Flame journey, my unique ascension journey, going from having everything to nothing and rebuilding my entire existence and everything in between! Has brought out the Warrior within me which I knew was always there, yet I only was able to do that because of the great love that I have for this Planet and every single sentient being who lives upon her.

And through all the ‘hurt’, ‘pain’, ‘suffering’ and ‘sacrifice’ it was all worth it and I would do it a million times over again if I had to… But don’t choose to… Yet through this process, I have learnt so much and in return, I can help others move through this process with the tools and guidebook I didn’t have so that ‘suffering’ can be optional because it hurts me to see others suffer and being so empathic I too feel their pain.

So with saying that; it’s NOW time more than ever for us to open our hearts and be kind and compassionate to those who are now going through a big process of transformation due to this Masculine Energy Template upgrade. To some degree it affects all of us, however, there will be more noticeable effects for some people than others.

In plain and simple terms the Earth Energy Grids completing and so many connecting with this 5D Grid. Combined with the influx of this Ascension Energy hitting the Planet it makes a more stable environment for 5D relationships to come together in service of humanity and to get our soul’s missions in full swing in whatever assignment we have chosen before coming to this beautiful planet.

In conclusion, this Grid phase coming to completion and the next phase is to be rolled out, in a journey that has felt completely soul-destroying which is actually Ego destroying and Soul defining. For me personally, this journey has nothing to do with romance as we have known it on a 3D level because every aspect of that has been knocked out of me… Any notion of my preconceived 3D conditioning of romanticism has gone.

What it means to me is a sigh of relief that things can come together as we all together have created a path and learnt so much on our own. That coming together not only with my soul counterpart but with other people who share the same mission. The mission in its purest form, is why we incarnated to Earth NOW to work together in unity. Now is the most perfect time to be in a constant state of co-creation for the betterment of humanity and I know that I didn’t come here and wouldn’t be possible to achieve this alone!

At times it has felt like chasing a damn carrot that is dangling in front of us all. Sometimes you get so close you can smell it, touch it, maybe even taste the smallest nibble, yet the entirety is out of reach or at least sometimes feels that way. Well, you see that carrot is what holds your faith, trust and knowing strong each insight and experience the universe sends us to show we are in alignment with our path…

But you actually don’t want that carrot, you want the “Grand Golden Carrot” This is the full ascension process for you and everyone. So keep taking those hints, signs and guidance and know that it is leading you through into something you couldn’t fully comprehend. For example, have you ever seen a Golden Carrot? Ahh not yet… but you will just wait … along with so many more incredible things you will see and experience..

This is a very powerful process happening right now and as we know transformation can be messy, scary and uncertain however my feelings are that for the many newly awakening, being activated and becoming in alignment with who they are in the truest purest form. It will be quite a different process than what our experiences have been before.

As was shown to me through the energy session; it will require lots of nurturing and support yet will be quicker in many ways because of the work that we have all done collaboratively in all parts of the globe and for the largest portions a solo journey… That part is done in time, with Soul families connecting and working together to make the next part joyful and filled with purpose. Working together all in one massive Union of connected hearts and souls.

As always truly from the center of my heart to yours thank you. For all your service and playing your part as each piece connects the dots to the overall gigantic cosmic picture.

Written by Alisha Braché

New Moon Energy Update ~ Last Year Insight for this Years Alignment ~ Powerful Times Collectively

Happy NEW MOON! How are you all feeling out there? I am in the process of sending out many updates of insight, experiences and downloads I have been filtering into my consciousness in the past few weeks. So much is changing at very rapid speeds for the collective and most importantly and exciting to share is how quickly we are seeing these changes manifest in our reality. Thanks to the massive waves of light that have been coming into the planet since March 2018 the beginning of the ‘Event/Ascension Energies” are coming through with more potency than ever before. See my video for more information here:

I am currently noticing many things happening on a collective level.

A massive shift of power in structures that weren’t serving humanity’s best interest began to break down so that new supportive structures could take their rightful place.

Coming together of Twin Souls to be able to implement these structures in accordance with their co-joined soul mission.

Old Masculine Template being exposed – Brought to the surface and healed so that the NEW Masculine Template can fully anchor in each person and the planet.

Many souls are either starting their awakening journey or the Ascension process and it is a different process from those who have paved the way in years gone by; much more accelerated with more guidance and support.

More people awakening to their Galactic Aspect within them and around them – More conscious contact with Star Family.

An unravelling of the process over the past few years to prepare and make way for a new cycle.

Over the past 24hrs I have been guided to look back over some of the things I have written in accordance with last year, being shown that I was reading the energies that very much correlate with what is occurring now in preparation. I often talk about how my higher self always writes down things for me to know in advance so in alignment with that I have very insightful clarity which I will share in a series of blogs and videos over the coming weeks.

Until then I will leave you with this one to start off as It’s currently the NEW MOON and I was guided to go back and find a report I wrote last year about a Grasshopper experience (having no idea when it was written just that I needed to re-read that info as it’s very relevant for NOW!) As this message came through I glanced across and there was a Grasshopper sitting beside my window. An Adult one which also represents the full circle of one of the many cycles we are in.

The synchronicity which are lining up right now is completely insane and that is just a very small example.

So below I have inserted that Energy Report I was guided to go find and share with you all NOW.

“New Moon (Super Moon) in Taurus April 2017.

To sit back for a moment and reflect on what the Global Energies have been like throughout the month of April – It has been a bit of a bumpy road for many with solar events, and planets retrograding it certainly had shaken many of us up. It has felt nothing less than intense on even the calmest day. For me personally, it has felt as though everything that we experienced throughout 2016 the trials and tribulations was jam-packed into one month just to make sure that we have learnt to experience this deep process of letting go of all the things that no longer serve us.

The upside of letting go no matter how painful it may be at the time, it opens us up to many great and wonderful things that we couldn’t have possibly been able to experience before as we had no space in our lives prior to these events.

New Moons always mark the process of new beginnings and as we move into May it feels like we are moving forward to much solid and stable grounds as new paths are starting to present themselves in unimaginable and unexpected ways.

Nature has always provided much insight and inspiration as we can read the signs through our own intuition and senses. Just this morning a baby grasshopper not only leapt in front of me, it actually landed on me to give me the very strong impression that as we leap into May many positive changes are afoot.

The Grasshopper represents good fortune, luck is on your side, abundance and prosperity and a massive leap forward and jumping with the leap of faith. I feel this is not just an individual message yet for everyone. It’s also a nice reminder that the only way is forward! Grasshoppers can only jump forward not backwards. So no matter where you’re at or what situations you are being presented with there is always forward movement even if we don’t feel it at times.

Sometimes if we feel as though we have taken a step backwards or sideways we are just preparing for a massive movement forward. As always be open and expect miracles in each moment, because the best surprises in life always come in unexpected ways. So if April has made you feel a little off balance and you have challenges arise which you thought were cleared up, rest assured that this is pathing the way for new things to come forward.”

In conclusion, I would encourage you to reflect on what was happening 12 months ago – And ask if was there any guidance I was receiving. How was this setting things up for what is occurring in my life now?

Written by Alisha Braché
Artwork by Alisha Braché

Cosmic Energy builds higher ~ March ~ Are you ready?

March Messages  ~ Everything that you have been working towards over these past few years is coming to the forefront this month to put in practice and mastery.

Keep practising what you have been mastering – whatever that is for you in your own journey in regards to what makes a positive difference in the world ~ Everything we put out has an effect from the smallest to the largest act of love and goodwill.

Let go of the things that no longer feel good especially any aspect of times when you feel you have been done wrong by others in any capacity. The Victim program is one that has been deeply ingrained in humanity for such a long time.

Regardless of what has gone on before in your experience from our human perspective, it can be very hard to digest especially if it’s caused pain and suffering, however, from a soul perspective it’s all just learning from different situations and remembering you can here to become the master of your own experience and this is the deep part of it. To be able to experience these lower emotions and transcend them through the Ascension journey.

Forgiveness could be a big theme for many as we release these old wounds personally and collectively. One story I always go back to in times of forgiveness and direct others to is one written by Donald Neal Walsh – titled “The little soul and the Sun.” you can read it here:

In summary, we are all here just to teach one another all aspects of this experience of duality. But not for much longer…..

Hold your own personal energy within you strong – as a part of raising your own frequency. If you need to take time away from others do so; as your own process is the most important ~ fill your own cup first and then when it’s overflowing you can assist others through your frequency will magnetically attract those who will vibe with you. If you get inspirational guidance to do something important and are not sure of all the details ~ you don’t need to know all the details just keep following and the piece will come together.

If the earth falls away from your feet – spread your wings and soar! Now is the time like no other.

As we go through big frequency shifts; which continue to grow with their velocity – means that things that aren’t in match will drop out – friends, family, job, living location, even down to social media subscribers or YouTube accounts with all the censorship going on at present with the truth speakers in the Disclosure arena, can be looked at a big frequency shift dropping away from one audience to move into different audiences and even new social media platforms. No matter what goes on always keep in the forefront of your mind it’s always in your highest good, something more suitable is incoming and you need to follow and trust. Having said that the time when things happen rapidly and unexpectedly can be frustrating to our ‘human aspect’ because we don’t fully understand or see the big picture. Yet it definitely exists.

Keep very present in the moment – and keep taking leaps forward – definitely not the month to be looking backwards. Things seem to be completely changing moment to moment. As new and higher timeline keep open up more swiftly and much more noticeable as we go along. Have you been observant of the ‘glitches’ in reality as things shift. The Mandela Effect in full swing ~ noticing things changing can be quite amusing and fun to experience and observe.

March the month of two Full Moons just like we had back in January – The first was on the 2nd/3rd of March and will be having the second one will be on 30th/31st a ‘Blue Moon’ the name which is given to the second Full Moon in the same calendar month normally rare hence the saying ‘once in a Blue Moon’ not so rare at the moment. These always tend to bring about big changes. Which I will blog about more when I feel guided to closer to the end of the month.

If that’s not enough to jam pack into a month we also have March Equinox 21st/22nd – I keep finding myself reflecting back on last year and what I experienced during March Equinox. Which was some MASSIVE High Energies Days. I think it lasted for 3 days, it was amazing I was feeling completely blissed out by the beauty of everything. Big energies which I basked in and consciously worked with to send out in the collective field, I was uninterrupted for that period of time as it felt amazing and important to do that anchoring of such high frequencies.

A precursor of things to come this year for more people? Who knows we will have to wait and see. Very interesting with all the talk and buzz about the big waves of energy coming in March as many people seem to suspect. Once again I like to reiterate that timelines shifting so fast anything can happen so the best is to stay as present as possible. As we watch and observe with awe during this profound time in earth’s transformation.

One thing that I have noticed and observed recently that the energy coming in is so strongly that more and more people feeling and sensing it; people who previously haven’t felt anything like this before. If you have been surfing these waves for a while; it could be your time to help and support other who might not understand what is going on.

Having said that it’s not a time to force ideals or concepts to people not open to what your saying because let’s face it no one likes to be force feed anything; and a good time to keep in mind that everyone experience own aspects of reality at different rates and everyone is at their own pace of evolution. Yet listen to what they are experiencing and offer support as your intuitively guided to and plant seeds for them for when they are ready 🙂 And keep up all the amazing work!

I do lots of sessions with people at all stages of awakening ~ with a very notable number of people who resonate as being a ‘starseed’ or walking the twin journey. Nothing from me is too ‘out there’ or ‘crazy’ that the best part of my world!

So just in case you have been having those moments “Am I just completely crazy, am I losing my mind?” The simple answer: You’re losing your mind to gain a higher level of consciousness 🙂

Written by Alisha Braché