Welcome to a New Year, a New Decade, a New Era 2020!

Each year holds within it the frequency of the number pertaining to each year, an Energy Vibration which holds certain themes for the globe and individually.

Before we can look at where we are heading, we need to look at where we have been:

2015 – 2+0+1+5 = 8 – Number 8 Year

Was the year of many very abrupt awakenings for what some might call the ‘first wavers in the Ascension/Twin Flame community. The 3D lives came to a massive abrupt end as the divine stepped into to usher in the changes that were about to unfold. This brought this massive awareness – a big cycle of people ending long-term relationships and careers with a deep knowledge that a bigger galactic calling was coming through.

2016 – 2+0+1+6 = 9 – Number 9 Year

Was the year of tying up all loose ends and preparing for something better. This year was one which was long, hard and treacherous. Filled with ‘Dark Night of the Souls” for many as so many old beliefs we shattered and so much emotion was being released through the soul’s huge amount of emotions for themselves and for the planet.

2017 – 2+0+1+7 = 1 – Number 1 Year

Was an opportunity to try and make sense of what’s happening, realizing that you’re not crazy! It was time to recover from the intensity of the abrupt endings, and the opportunity to go within and look at what was learnt over the past 9-year cycle. To start to rebuild on what’s most important & how you can rebuild in service to others & the planet. New waves of awakening & new wave of twins coming into contact and awareness.

2018 – 2+0+1+5 = 2 – Number 2 Year

Was the year of starting to work towards common goals finding a soul tribe and coming together. It was a year of focus on inner balance, finding the dance of masculine and feminine aspects within. It started to awaken curiosity within those around us, to want to know, understand and explore more.

It was a year of connection and finding soul family all across the world connecting with like-minded people and starting the process of coming together for the greater good.

2019 – 2+0+1+5 = 3 – Number 3 Year

As the number suggests it was a very people-focused community year. It was about understanding at a deeper level of soul purpose, big massive changes took place within the Twin Flame collective in anchoring in the new relationship template on the planet.  These efforts starting to present in much bigger deeper tangible ways. As this flow-on effect continues into 2020. It was a year of so much inner growth and exploration of “who I am at a soul level.” It was also a soul mission calling for many of the next wavers who couldn’t quite the calling for change and to invoke their soul’s purpose at a deeper level.

2+0+2+0 = 22 – Number 22 is another Master Number that often does not get broken down into its singular form, however, my sense is that this year holds two very important energy points one from the Master Number 22 and also that which it gets broken down into 2+2 = 4.

Number four is all about building solid foundations and working hard, clear, sharp focus & having a deeper depth understanding of your placement in the bigger picture & your purpose within that bigger picture.

From a partnership perspective when I look at the number of 2020 I see so much more than just a universal 22 master number breaking down into a universal 4-year.

I see two halves becoming whole within themselves and coming together to find balance, grounding and a place to build a new solid foundation together.

Whether that be in romantic relationships, business, collaborations, families or Humanity as one family.

To me, I see it as a rebuilding year from the ground up. So much has been gained, learned and acknowledged for the inner clearing, healing & balancing. We start to see the physical world reflect that back to us, and have some magnificent opportunities to be a part of something beautiful as we rebuild a New Earth together in whole new frequency 💖

22 Master Number represents:  It’s known as the master builder number one who has the ability to take an idea, a concept, a plan and bring it into the world. It’s a very solid and focused number go out there and get what you want, and create it from the ground up. It’s also the Master teacher number of those who are born to teach at a more practical level to implement structure and societal change in the world. I also see the 22 as the Humanitarian number it’s the number that often denotes big change on a global scale the ability to build new positive structures from the ground up built on love, compassion, harmony and balance.

I also see this year 2020 as a year of balance and equilibrium – for partnerships or friendships which may have been one-sided in the past; this brings those true connections that are built upon a soul level into much more equilibrium than ever before.

The key themes for many this year will be around Mastering Self, Purpose and Destiny ~ it offers a magic-type feel for those who dare to explore the deeper levels of expanded consciousness and follow their calling. Being guided from the soul and heart, which often is a path less travelled until NOW.

For the Master Number 22, it brings forward the energies of being your own Self Master and Guru, following the path that is best for you, working with your own unique gifts and talents and bringing them to the forefront as an asset for others, this can be down through Healing, Supporting, Teaching, Creative endeavours ~ WHAT COMES NATURALLY to you which from a soul perspective is something which has been mastered through many lifetimes.

This year has huge support for that, you may have found that the years leading up to now have been showing you the way, yet the timing wasn’t in alignment. As we embrace the new energy which comes through for this year we have great universal support to see our dreams come into reality. By showing up, living in authentic ways and embodying the path you have chosen to embrace.

This will be a Game Changer year for people who are Twin Flames or working towards their own Divine Partnership. The universal energy really supports these high-vibration connections especially this year to come together find their balance and work together harmoniously. And path the way for other initiates who are embarking on their journey. As many more will follow over the coming years.

All Relationships will be in focus not just the Divine Partnerships, yet many more soul connections will come through and be made, as the number 22 vibration is all about coming together and working towards a common goal. Unity consciousness for one is the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

However, that takes shape in many forms: Projects, Collaborations, Conscious Business, and Changing structures to bring forward new prosperous ways the support society – through Education, Financial, Community, and Governing Structures and bringing back the ancient ways where hierarchy had NO place, where everyone is on an equal playing field and everyone focuses on the benefit of the ALL.

Reach out and connect with those who share the same ideas and work towards something which has humanity’s best interests at heart and be amazed by the magic and synchronicity which fills and supports these endeavours as we path the way to reconstruct this NEW WORLD!

2020 feels to me to be the tipping point of this paradigm shift and all the hard work we have been doing over many years leading to this point will bring forward the so many magnificent fruits of our labor.

Might feel massive however one day, step and moment at a time, things come together and start falling into place!

Individually we also have our own personal Numerology Number which gives us a personal insight into what will be key themes over the coming year. Our lives go through many cycles and in Numerology 9 year cycles hold key elements for each year.

So firstly if you are not familiar with how to work out your Numerology year, let’s have a look at that. It’s simple you just add up your date and month you were born and then the current year.

An example: 10 March birthday would look like this 1+0+3+2+0+2+0 = 26 then we break it down to a singular digit. 2+6 = 8 ~ So this means 2020 is a Number 8 Year!

Below I will go through a brief overview of key themes for each year: So as you start to create your intentions for this NEW YEAR ~ It’s always a good idea to keep in mind the energy of the year you leading into so that you can understand the natural cycles and themes which will have a main focus to work harmoniously with them to get the best out of your 2020 year!

ONE YEAR – Leadership, Independence, learning new skills, setting up new foundations for the next 9-year cycle, working independently, building strength & courage, taking a leap of faith. Things which could be a theme – Study, Acquiring new knowledge, growing ideas, change in life path or direction for the better. Starting new businesses or projects and laying down strong foundations.

TWO YEAR – Relationships, Harmony, Balance, Unison, working together, forming new romantic relationships (or strengthening existing ones) new friendships, work partnerships. Finding the perfect balance between work and home life.

Things which could be a theme – Commitment, Engagement or Marriage, new friendship circles, being involved in community-based projects, having lots of strength and support from others in whatever you work towards. Finding new lifestyle routines that support health and happiness.

THREE YEAR – Communication, Cooperation, Socialisation, Creative expression, writing, public speaking, enjoying social aspects, having more time with friends and loved ones to enjoy your connections,

Things which might be a theme: Writing a book, bringing people together, lots of social events, community-focused ideas, looking at ways to use your creative talents for a soulful career & creating workshops, seminars and public speaking to teach others.

FOUR YEAR – Practicality, diligence, hard work, focus, patience, attention to detail, slower paced, steadier movement, research, concepts, ideas, inner healing, reflection and spiritual wisdom.

Things which might be a theme: Doing research on certain topics of interest, practical work and background work to set up for the years to come, learning new insights of self and personal growth is a massive key point to show you how strong you are. Can be quite an introverted year where the focus will be on healing, self-reflection and understanding your place in the universe.

FIVE YEAR – Travel, exploration & adventure. Fast movement, rapid change, unpredictability, creativity, art through creative expression, consolidation bringing ideas into form, unexpected opportunities.

Things which might be a theme: Bringing some ideas together to embark on a creative process, consolidation of projects into one, travelling and exploration of new places, unexpected events to act as a catalyst to move you forward into a rewarding pathway or direction. Furthering your career.

SIX YEAR – Family, harmony, joy, fulfilment, peace, balance, happy home life, children, many aspects coming together, open-hearted, playfulness, enjoyment of rewards,

Things which might be a theme: Having a harmonious family life, moving house and building a family home, welcoming children into the family, starting a family, and peaceful relationships.

SEVEN YEAR – Soul searching, truth seeking, inner wisdom, introspective, inner peace, understanding life’s mysteries, tapping into soul purpose and calling.

Things which might be a theme: Going within and spending time alone, reading and studying, delving into esoteric and spiritual wisdom and knowledge to gain deeper understandings. Learning more about yourself and who you really are.

EIGHT YEAR – Abundance, prosperity, rewards, acknowledgement, recognition, paying it forwards, ability to be of service to others, success in personal development which reflects in having the abundance around you.

Things which might be a theme: Financially prosperous, success in work or business, being in a position to assist others through own gain and success. Being recognized for your work and talents & having an influential capacity to raise awareness and positive impact on others.

NINE YEAR – Completion, endings and new beginnings, humanitarian outlook, being at the top of your game, reaching the height of your journey, looking towards new challenges and pathways.

Things which might be a theme: Being the leader in your field of expertise, leaving a positive impact in the world, tying up loose ends, bringing things that no longer serve you to a close. Feeling the pull towards new endeavours, feeling the optimism of starting a new journey.

In whatever you are looking forward to this year, may you have all the support and guidance of the universe as 2020 will be a ‘Game changer” on many levels.

Keep your light shining brightly for all to see as we create a new and beautiful world together!

Written by Alisha Braché

Something massive is brewing! Old Masculine Template going through the Phoenix Rebirth!

Something massive is brewing, isn’t it? We can all feel/sense some big changes in the air. Even people who aren’t sensitive to energy or who haven’t even heard of the word “Ascension” or “Twin Flame” or even “Awakening” for that matter….

So much of our lives get shaken up time and time again so that we can be stretched out of our comfort zone, twisted and contorted to transform and squeezed through into the higher light of our own truest divine essence.

Shedding the many layers of illusion and false way of thinking, being and completely existing are at times completely chaotic yet as we move through them and look back we are so eternally grateful for these catastrophic life-changing events.

Let’s face it we aren’t the same person that we were a year ago, a month, a week and sometimes even a few minutes ago…

At present the old Masculine Template seems to be crumbling and when I say this it’s not a gender it’s an energy that affects us all, of course, some more than others. With this, some would say the 3D matrix (hologram) is dissolving and think it pretty much goes hand in hand.

So with the Masculine aspects, it’s the outdated structures that seem to be falling away from the observations, especially over the past month or so. It has been very prevalent and almost under the spotlight! Some of the things that have been really noticeable themes are:

  • Anger, Rage & frustration outbursts which can last for moments or days, this has been either an internalised emotion at self in that self-sabotage ‘beating yourself up’ mentally for perceived ‘wrongdoings from the past.’ Or it can be outwardly towards other people for circumstances or situations that may have felt unfair or unjust!

  • Some very deep-set core wounds which could even stem back thousands of years since have reared and raised their ugly little head to be seen, healed, forgiven and let go once and for all.

  • Money, Finances, Stability – feeling like the rug is being pulled out from under your feet in unexpected ways, which is incredibly unsettling. I have seen an influx of lightworkers who are being pushed, tested and challenged in regards to financial matters and security. Almost the case of will you continue to push forward with your mission even when you are being challenged in extreme ways or go back to the safety of what was a 3D vocation?

  • Personal safety and home, as we send love and thoughts out to all the people around the world who are currently being faced with the threat of wild bushfires in many places around the world. It’s so hard as I have great compassion for those in this position having almost lost everything in a bushfire more than once in this lifetime.
    It seems to me as I write this going back a while ago it was the element of water and floods affecting people which is a very feminine element and now it’s the fire of the masculine. Transforming everything in its path, with the image of the Phoenix rising from the ashes and in this case I do feel this is what is preparing us for!

  • Needless to say Divine Partnerships (Twin dynamics) have massively been tested and are at the forefront of this transformation as this balancing continues to deepen. I personally and supported many clients recently through some of the most challenging phases of this journey yet.
    Ultimately to process, heal and forgive some of the hardest aspects of this journey which is begging to be healed and let go of once and for all to be able to move forward into a whole new space of relationship standards.

  • 5D Relationship template is really coming online thanks to the amazing souls whose mission is to bring this to the planet as part of the Ascension process. 2020 will really see this in full swing and it will be unimaginable to many just how long hard efforts have come into full manifestation!

Why is this all happening?

Simply stated the old must crumble, heal, clear and transform so that the new can really have a safe, steady and solid ground to build and blossom. It’s and magnificent era that we are already in the process of becoming and living in.

Just hold steady as we move through these very swiftly changing times and know that love is at the core essence of everything.

On a final note, I was guided back to an old article I wrote a few years ago and as I read through the words it was very much similar to what is transpiring now only at a much deeper level you can have a read here:


Written by Alisha Braché

‘Twin Flame Union’ is not your final Destination ~ Want to be with them NOW? Think again!

One of the most common aspects of walking the Divine Partnership Journey is the sense of impatience and wanting everything NOW! I feel as though things would magically change if it would all just line up and fall into place. It could be a knowing, vision or awareness of what life would or could be like…. And quite possibly will be… But it’s so important not to miss out on the golden nuggets or gems, which are being offered to you each step of the way.

Transforming through the process of Ascension is a massive deal.  It simply leaves no stone unturned in the process of becoming your own self-master, and the best version of yourself. To do this we have to undo all the ‘human stuff’ by that I mean the wounds, the traumas, the limited belief systems, the judgements, the labels… I think you get it!

We are releasing this lifetime, other lifetimes, and deep ancestral experiences, conditioning and emotions. And both you and your twin flame are doing this – not just you! Your counterpart is also going through this process, even though at times it may not seem like it to you, they are! In their own ways, and their process could be the complete opposite of yours.

If you have been through the ‘Dark Night of the Soul” once or twice or maybe more, you will understand that it’s not pretty, and it’s certainly not pretty to be around someone else experiencing that, or most of all, watching someone you love so deeply go through that, knowing that you can’t help them. Because it’s a process that they have to go through for their own soul growth.

What I have observed, is when we go through this process which we call the Dark Night of the Soul, it’s an intense process of releasing energy which can present in a few different ways.

It feels like we are completely disconnected from Source, Guides and our Higher Self, which of course, is never the case. Yet in that moment, it’s like the Higher Self steps out temporarily so that we can go through this. Your Higher Self is never gone, it just feels like it as it steps back a little. Our frequency drops and we don’t really have the connection or the foresight that we generally would. As hard as it is in this moment, it’s where the most healing and soul growth comes.

This is where so many people get frustrated and confused, when dancing the cosmic dance of divine partnership. People think they are dealing with two versions, or split personalities.

I giggled to myself when this became clear and helped me understand the process even more.

My way of looking at Ascension, is the process of clearing out so we can embody our higher self in the flesh suit, Divine Partnership acts as a catalyst to make this possible.

Each time we come into contact whether that be in physical, communication or energy it sparks a remembrance of awakening within each one. We can go into the ‘bliss bubble’ ‘heart explosion’ and‘ pure love’ and once this has happened generally this is followed by a dip, a fall, a dark night of the soul. The process repeats as many times as it needs to so we can fully awaken and embody our higher self. There is no time frame for this, and well…time is an illusion anyway. Yet each pair will have their own time frame and cannot be measured against anyone else’s journey.

In addition to measuring up against other journeys, this is such an important aspect to consider, even though there are commonalities amongst ‘the journey’ they are all specifically designed for each soul’s development and lessons. So much criticism can be thrown around by unsolicited advice from outsiders, even in spiritual communities.

Projections are a massive one, as we all have our own filters of perception made up of our experiences, BS Belief systems and what our ‘truths’ are. This doesn’t mean it is someone else ‘truth’ This takes a huge amount of self-awareness not to do, and even then it will still filter through in some ways.

What I love and what fascinates me about my work is literally learning something new every day, smashing my own BS and perception daily, and with every client who I work with. To be able to put my thoughts and feelings aside and listen wholeheartedly to understand and learn something new. I feel this gives me huge scope to try to place all the millions of pieces together to understand things from a bigger perspective. Which is something I love to do! And that does change, or not necessarily changes, yet it opens up to be viewed vaster and wider, the further we move through this paradigm shift.

What I once thought from my rigid views of “that’s not a twin flame because XY&Z” I now practice the wisdom of “I don’t know”.  I can have my intuitive thoughts, but ultimately it’s really no benefit to “know all the answers”.  Knowing all the answers typically means coming from an Ego state, rather than the soul state, which has endless possibilities. What is most important, is to see where the person is at and how I can best assist them in what they are facing right NOW. How they can grow and evolve and as that happens, perhaps not straight away, things align and fall into place and more often than not, bigger, better and more magical than we could have ever perceived before.

Twins certainly turn our lives upside down and back again a few times over. So can other connections too! That’s’ why it can be such an illusive journey to understand.

One theory of mine, for quite some time, is that we have very similar frequency matches in partners. Which can ‘seem very twin-like they come in and teach us very important lessons and when the soul contract is done or lessons are learnt they will exit. Some might linger around. Yes, there are many names for these people, yet ultimately they are all acts of love when viewed from a higher perspective, because they teach us valuable things about ourselves. I sometimes refer to these relationships as spiral relationships. Moving through the upward spiral to our rightful place or where our soul is seeking.

Therefore they do have very similar twin likenesses, traits and personality types. Because their energy is similar, yet not the exact frequency match. Possibly because we need to adjust, and move through different stages before our first encounter or possibly in the middle of the journey.

I can only speak from personal experience when I talk about these things as I know that I encountered a number of twin potentials in my time spanning over a few decades.

Each one I knew very strongly that we had shared a past life together and we needed to bring that or those experiences to full completion. The funniest thing is that I had connected with my counterpart during this process, and it actually took me years to realise who he was to me. When the download hit me, I was in shock to say the least, yet I was also a little annoyed “I am the psychic” I should have known this “he as in front of my face this whole time?”

The truth is, it was only revealed to me in the most perfect and exact moment, not a second too soon. Why? Very simple I wouldn’t have done all the things I needed to do, if I had known from day one I would have gone straight to the treasure chest or X marks the spot. That wouldn’t have taken me around the garden path ten times over. Yet I needed to have different growth and experiences that wouldn’t have been offered by my counterpart. And in hindsight I needed to work my resistance muscles to prepare me for the ‘crazy, beautiful, insane’ ride that was about to unfold.

So in conclusion I always say it doesn’t really matter if they are “twin flame” “soulmate” “karmic” You are still in the ever-unfolding journey of a life plan that YOU wrote for YOU!

Getting in touch with your inner world will awaken the remembrance of the script, and will give you the understanding of the next steps, of what to do in the moment.

Each relationship, connection and experience is vital for our soul growth, including the good, the bad, the ugly and the perfect ones.

If you are going through a process, and perhaps who you ‘thought was your one and only” isn’t, knowing this is a journey, makes it not as crushing as it is. If you truly feel that you are on the Divine Partnership journey then you most certainly are. If that chapter has ended, all it means is the next chapter is about to begin. However that looks, it could still be your twin flame – with some extra plot twists!  Or it could be someone else, and focusing on developing yourself through this experience, is the most delicious profound joy that you can experience in a lifetime.

So even if you think that you want, deserve or your life would be better off right now with a counterpart in it, think again! Are you and them in the most refined version of self? Maybe in moments or for periods of time, but completely stabilized?

I have observed through my own connection moments of high intensity, profound love and appreciation which feel as though we are both in a timeless state of a completely different dimension. And also times when it just feels very normal like two friends or colleagues working together and sharing ideas, glances and laughter, not to mention debates and triggerfests.

It’s all part and parcel as we are all working on creating a new template of relationships into this beautiful planet, and raising the frequency through our individual and collective experiences. Divine Partnership plays such an important role and beautiful aspect of the bigger picture. One which we are all navigating and working towards as we move forward.

We are always given exactly what we need in each moment, not always what our mind thinks it wants, or what is best for us.

The 5D connection with a counterpart is beautiful profound and otherworldly, the real challenges come when trying to get that connection working in the physical, to find balance and harmony.

Why? Because we are doing what we know…. 5D relationships aren’t designed to fit into 3D templates. So through our hard knocks, plot twists and transformations, we are constructing something very new and different (well at least something that hasn’t been like this on earth for thousands of years).

So not living together, not being in ‘union’, not married, living in different parts of the world and all that good stuff which is so often the challenges in Divine Partnership. These are the things to overcome to create this 5D template. And for some, this may look very different in the sense of having a different type of relationship connection than a romantic one. Many happily married couples may encounter a twin connection. This could be their helping hand to push them further along their Ascension path as the soul had chosen. If you are happy, then just like the song “Love the one you are with!”

In conclusion, be in the moment, be present, and allow patience to be your friend, the future is already written, be conscious through the process and take each lesson, experience and soul expansion to a place of understanding because no doubt it’s through these experience that you will take will you and the story you’re writing which will be shared in some way, one day to pass on the wisdom and knowledge to empower someone else.

Written by Alisha Braché

The types of ‘Plot Twists’ you can experience on you ‘Twin Flame’ Journey

~ Want to listen to the audio? scroll to the bottom to hear the article <3

So you have spent most of your life searching for your Twin Flame consciously or unconsciously, as it was for me, it was on massive part of my life path which I instinctively had a deeper knowing from within that there was ‘someone’ who would share a special part of my life, but more importantly that ‘we had important work to be done together.’

There were a few key things that I knew, as it seems that my soul kept in my awareness not all the memories were completely wiped, they were bread crumbs a trail of little signposts so that I could follow them, and just like any great adventure as you follow more clues, signs and revealings come along the way.

Knowing what I do now, I had no idea what the hell was in store, what mountains would have to be climbed over, moved and completely excavated. I think I would have aborted the mission a long time ago. I say that with all sincerity yet from a place of not knowing my own personal strength and power which would come from going through the ‘hero’s journey’ again and again.

I think this is a case of naivete or ignorance is bliss, but really it comes down to the 3D conditioning that we have in what 3D Relationships and Romance looks like. We couldn’t possibly perceive what it is like to have all fears exposed, wounds reinfected and the shirt ripped off our back in the process of ‘letting go’ over and over again.

Sounds dramatic right? Well, it is while you are going through it, it can feel like you are dying, but that’s just the old parts of yourself that are dying off. From the human perspective, it’s downright insane, especially to onlookers. But the Soul – ohhhh the Soul is screaming with joy and relishing in the transformation, and the becoming of the person who you really are in the process. This is certainly not possible without the “Plot Twists!”

So what are the Plot Twists? Specifically when it comes to the Twin Journey? It can be…

  • Discovering who you thought was your twin isn’t actually your twin

    • Ouch! Yes, this can be a hard low blow, when you feel as though you invested everything thing into this one person, you can feel tricked, fooled and like there is some massive cosmic joke being played out and you are the only person not ‘in the know’ it can bring about some very serious questions like why were there so many signs? How could I have been so wrong?
      Well, the simple answer is you weren’t, you were guided to have an experience that was necessary along your journey with someone who yes no doubt there was a strong connection with, yet once the lesson or contract was completed the ‘truth’ comes to light. Let’s face it if you really knew that he wasn’t who you thought you wouldn’t have done everything that you needed to and simply would have bypassed the lesson needed, so the encouragement from the universe was really pointing you in the direction…. As you lead into the Plot Twist.

  • Your Twin gets married or gets into another relationship which completely catches you off guard!

    • Crushing! Slap in the face! WTF! Seeing the person that you love so much move out of your life into the arms of another is a very hard place to be in, and certainly provided one massive plot twist, especially if it comes out of nowhere and you know deep down it’s not for love, pure intentions or just doesn’t feel right.

Well this too can have so many reasons, yet I do seem to think that we have similar frequency matches which can feel very ‘twin-like’ (which I will address in another article because that is a whole topic on its own.)

Also, we do have to bring ‘karma’ for lack of a better word to completion with previous relationships in this lifetime and others as we move along the twin path, things need to come into balance. And sometimes this is the most efficient way of doing things. We simply cannot learn every lesson we need from one person even if they are our mirror!

  • Your Twin or their partner gets pregnant!

    • Just when you are getting over the whole marriage with another person thing and you finally make peace with that! Then you find out that they are having a baby! What should be the most joyful occasion for everyone? This is a hard pill to swallow – because a baby is purely innocent and so divine so you can’t be mad, yet it’s hard to digest because you always thought that was going to be the two of you. And now where do you stand? Well similar to the above scenario in a way, children choose their parents before birth, they choose the genetics and the soul for what they need. I do believe we are moving forward into a world where we have the old principles of “it takes a village to raise a child” therefore these children may require more ‘parents’ than just the two biological parents. Only time will show how that can evolve the dynamics of family structures. Also, they may also need to have the parenting experience with someone else if it is their first child, the other twin may already have children, there are just so many variables.

    • Unexpected – Miraculous – 5D Pregnancy! Which was my experience… I had a whole journey to undertake to experience and understand. It was hard enough for me, let alone the twin trying to make sense of what was happening, and their involvement – Enough said for now, but as many more women start this journey it’s starting to become the new possibilities for what is possible through Divine Partnership and you can read more about this here: https://www.cosmicg8way.com/blog/2018/10/25/5d-pregnancy-conception-amp-birth-evolution-amp-ancient-way-returning

  • The universe pulls you out of each other’s lives abruptly

    • This can be so many things, moving interstate, moving overseas, or deciding to return to their old partner or spouse. Incarcerated, not ready for a relationship, friend-zoning (a very common one) Really the list can go on and on.

    • Intimacy issues see: https://www.cosmicg8way.com/blog/2018/10/17/energy-compatibility-effects-on-intimacy-sacred-sexuality-twin-flames-divine-partnership-8snp9

    • So in these times it’s time for a massive overhaul inside and out, this also is necessary to make the time to be the best version of yourself and also the same for your counterpart. It’s not that the universe is working against you and punishing you in any way. It is in fact always working for everyone’s best interest, even though it may not feel like it at the time, and can leave both parties scratching their head thinking what the F… is going on!

Plot Twists generally happen when it ‘seems’ as though things are coming together nicely, things are finally falling into place, and you feel as though “you know everything & done everything to get things in order.”  That’s when you know on one level you have actually got there, yet it’s just the next step like graduating from high school, and then you move into higher education. You are then well and truly on your Ascension path, and this is the true purpose of the Twin connection is to work as a team to go through this process and work with each other to assist this refinement of self and higher self embodiment.

One way to look at the Ascension process from a simplistic way or perhaps a very physical way is that it will unearth all of your deepest fears, possibly ones that you didn’t even know about. The most efficient way to move beyond your fears is to live through them come out the other side and see that it wasn’t as bad as you thought! To read more about this process of Ascension through the Twin dynamic see this artcle: https://www.cosmicg8way.com/blog/2018/11/3/transcending-through-the-states-of-consciousness-with-your-twin-flame-connection

Over the course of a decade or more I haven’t experienced every type of Plot Twist possible, however through my own Twin dynamic most of them have been checked off the list. Combined with all the clients I have worked with over the years, I have seen many people go through and really come out the other side of these and become the most empowered and amazing version of themselves. I have been witness to Miracles that really do occur and that’s part of the beauty of this Cosmic Dance, It’s designed to keep you on your toes, keep you evolving and most importantly stay in a place of strength and deep trust and knowing that things always have a way of coming together when the time is right. And for many people that time is still waiting in the wings because it’s part of a much bigger picture – see https://www.cosmicg8way.com/blog/2017/11/29/relationships-evolving-fornew-earth-changing-the-cosmic-dance to find out more.

Have you thought about what the journey is like through the eyes of the Divine Masculine? Because I can assure you it’s very different! Different process; the feminine and the masculine pathway towards Ascension is different although both pathways lead to the same place.

The feminine ‘typically’ is very externally validated by the progress and seeks the outside validation – this is where the issue can occur because of the chase – you demand, you need to know and that puts huge focus and sometimes pressure on the other for commitment or reassurance.
The Masculine can ‘typically’ be very opposite to this, hence the ‘ runner-chaser dynamic’
Yet keeping in mind we both hold masculine & feminine energy this is a process that helps us both balance those aspects.

As always it’s important to honour where you’re at in your current process, and find some comfort in knowing that if or when the Plot Twist strikes it’s not the end of the world, it’s certainly not the end of your journey and in most cases it really just the beginning.

Written by Alisha Braché

Transcending through the states of consciousness with your Twin Flame connection!

From my perspective and work, I am very privileged to have quite an incredible birds eye view perspective and insight into the dynamics of Divine Partnership pairs, through my own life experience, through my clients and through reading the collective field. Having said that I always say with every bit of information take what helps, what resonates with you at the time AND leave the rest, it might come back and make more sense at a later date.

Recently states of consciousness, levels of awareness and perspective keep coming to my own attention. I truly believe that as we go through the stages of our own Ascension journey we transcend different states of beliefs and perspectives around situations. This message came through during a session and I felt really compelled to write and share.

This process of Twin Flame Journey or what I prefer to call Divine Partnership is one of many Ascension pathways. So what does that mean? My understanding is that Ascension is being able to go through a massive transformation of a higher embodiment of integrating our higher self and higher dimensional aspects within the physical body ultimately becoming our own self-master. This is no small feat, it requires a whole lot of growth, healing, forgiveness, recognition and deeper levels of understanding of yourself and the other.

In actual fact the Ascension process is when we graduate from our 3D experience, so in saying that, no doubt it would be at the time which you encounter a twin is the last lifetime in a 3D experience. You have decided to assist one another in going through the graduation process together. Who better to go through this process than the person who knows you best, on a soul level, who knows your strengths, weaknesses, the great love you hold, your triggers and the areas where you can go through the most growth and expansion?
From the soul perspective, it’s really quite clear, straight forwards and makes perfect sense. The ‘complication’ comes in when we get into our human suit and forget ‘the plan’ and the agreement already set. The journey back is the process of remembering and reawakening who we are and what we have come here to do.

So let’s break it down and look at the potential different stages of the process of the Divine Partnership experience simply based on the level of consciousness that we hold. And how we progress and transcend through different states of consciousness. First off I would like to point out that my understanding of moving through the Ascension progress starts with an experience that then triggers a deeper level of awareness, as this higher level of consciousness starts to filter through it makes way to allow our body to then filter and access higher levels of energy and higher states of embodiment of our higher selves energetically. Therefore keeping this in mind as we go through this process there is much that goes through the clearing, releasing, purging and purification to be able to hold this new state of energy and being.

3D level of consciousness and experience:

This is a very physical, conventional life experience that we all more or less have a taste of within our lives, some much more than others, as no doubt many of us have come through with a higher level of awareness since day one in this lifetime. This is the level where we are operating from the lower three chakras (Base/Sacral/Solar Plexus) which is very much focused on basic survival needs, living ‘conventional lives’ Our main focus tends to be around working, meeting our material needs, finding a partner, starting a family, paying our bills and being the ‘good citizen’ and our primary focus are to enhance our career, further, our success, build a good life for our families, put our kids into a good education, holidays and so on. This phase has very little focus on anything other than the physical, external world. This can be a good and happy life for most people, as there is so much joy which can be experienced within the 3D world…

Then something happens, generally, an event occurs that breaks the foundations of this life we have been living and it can rock the very foundations which all the 3D life experience has been built upon, this is when we start to seek to understand the greater meaning to life and our role within this experience. The exit out of the 3D matrix.

4D level of consciousness and experience:

This part is the most in-depth and this is the transition, the rainbow bridge, the in-between phase of most growth and learning as we move out of 3D and path our way into the 5D experience. There are many different experiences that can be the catalyst to move into the 4D consciousness & experience. This is the transition where we move more into the Heart space and start operating from the Heart Chakra, yet to be able to fully engage there sometimes it can require quite a bit of work to operate from this place. I see the Heart Chakra as the halfway point the Gateway between the lower and higher states of consciousness and energy embodiment. Most certainly this can be the most ‘painful’ stage as in most cases it is pain & trauma that cracks the heart wide open. Through this, we can become more loving, kind and compassionate beings. It’s the unravelling of the illusion that can cause the most confused and disturbed experiences designed as our ‘tests’ or ‘initiations’ to move through them heal and have a deeper level of experience, knowledge and then embodied wisdom.

Some of the catalyst experiences which can lead us into this transition can be, a combination of many or all and certainly not limited to:

Meeting/connecting with our Divine Counterpart/Twin – possibly not consciously straight away, yet from the initial contact it will start to activate the energy and awareness within one another

Near Death Experience (NDE) where you either have a very close brush with death or physically die, leave the body and decide to come back. Every person who has an NDE is significantly impacted and changed after this experience of reconnecting with source energy and then coming back with that memory into the harsh density of 3D reality

Kundalini Awakening/Activation – where the energy of the chakras align to light up and the serpent energy (Ida & Pingala) rises from the base through the energy column (Sushumna) into the third eye/crown which then activates and stimulates the pineal gland and turns on our ability to see & experience different dimensional realities and access higher levels of consciousness

Trauma in various forms – the death of a loved one, divorce ending of a long-term relationship, loss of job, career or business along with other material possessions house, money car etc. Illness or sickness ~ quite often this part of the process that many of us will experience some if not all of ~ as this allows us to see life beyond birth and death, that it’s just a transition, and things which we have an attachment to are removed so that we can see that we can survive without them or find other things much more meaningful.

Now this is where we start to unravel and rewire our conditioning & programming (mental aspect) expose and heal our wounds and traumas (emotional aspect) and in the physical heal lots of ‘karmic’ issues which just requires bringing things back into balance. Therefore this can be lots of encounters with different people, and different soul connections to really embody such deep learning.

The Divine Partnership journey, this is the most ‘painful’ yet most transformative phase where we go through the most monumental growth phase and quite often this phase is done individually and where the physical ‘separation’ can occur. It’s probably good to point out at this stage that both will go through this just in their own unique ways. It’s very easy to be pointing fingers when we are going through various stages of healing and our wounds are very raw and say “he is doing these terrible things” or “She has done the unthinkable or unforgivable” yes in some cases this is the whole point! I remember one point in my journey feeling as though how could I possibly overcome what seemed the most unforgivable act, I remember the voice of my higher self saying well yes “this is the ultimate test.” to move beyond this and back into a space of unconditional love, “so what are you going to do? How are you going to move beyond this?”

It absolutely is possible as this is the most profound turning point, as you start to move beyond this phase you hit a very deep state of surrender ‘once again’ and start to remove energetic layers of limitations of perception, really pondering the ‘why?’

Really asking yourself “Why am I experiencing this? “What am I learning?” and most importantly “how are you using this learning to move forward?”

This can be where we start to move beyond the 4D consciousness and embodiment process and certainly, a very important and deep process that possibly is easier to move through with a guide or healer to be able to gain perspective, a facilitator to hold the space as you transform.

I often say that I wouldn’t have made it through without the support of my soul family, it was crucial for my process to have support, and as I moved through, it was important for me to assist more people through that space. Now I certainly can’t remove the ‘suffering’ as in some cases that’s a necessary part of our growth that we need to experience to evolve, however, support guidance and context to what is happening is absolutely invaluable. Through my own experience and working with my energy abilities the offerings of my Programs and Services were born (you can see below for more information.)

In this phase of the 4D transition so many insights, experiences and revelations will appear and the shock of moving out of the illusion become less and less. We then start to move into the higher states of consciousness and energy embodiment working with the 5D template and through this process, we are assisting the planet going through this transition.

5D level of consciousness and experience:

Life becomes more beautiful as well as our experiences

This is where we are operating more from the higher chakras (throat, third-eye & crown) and the other chakras as more clear and refined. The energy flows clearly and easily as we have shed the many layers of density that our energy held from its 3D souljourn

Our inner work of healing becomes more apparent in our outer reality as manifestation starts to quicken and life becomes very magical

We can look back and see that everything that was presented along the way was a gift

We honour our own ‘hero’s journey and look at how far we have come and how much we have grown

We understand how everything has its place, and see beyond the ‘good’ ‘bad’ ‘light’ ‘dark’ ‘good vs evil dialogue’ as we see that everything is just an experience and has provided a place of learning

The focus becomes more in a space of unity consciousness as we start to see our essence within everything and everyone – as we move out of ‘me’ to ‘we’ seeing that we are all working towards a common goal

The Divine Partnership journey takes on a new perspective as we see how it impacts the greater divine plan, we are less focused on the outcome of our romantic fantasies and see how the connection is beyond powerful and has the ability to create magic in many ways

We are able to relax a little and have a deep sense of knowing that all have a time and place and that things will align as they are meant to and we release the need to ‘control’ and become ‘ok in the great mystery of the unfolding’

Our Soul Mission really takes a forward focus point and we are driven from a place of inspiration, divine guidance and motivation to contribute towards our world being more harmonious and this too impacts the world not only in a physical sense, yet also energetically

We embody many aspects of ourselves as our integration unfolds we switch on the many gifts and talents that have been stored within our very essence of our being, we become the healers, the peacekeepers, the artists, the musicians and all the amazing embodied wisdom is shared for all to enjoy

Enevidably this is what many refer to as the ‘illumination phase’ where both can come together after a massive phase of clearing and integration of our higher self stabilized within us and we can then also harmonised within our connection and move forward to the shared mission, shining our light and collaborate with the gifts and wisdom which has come through this hero’s journey of our own Ascension

As always it’s important to remember that no matter where you are at in your current process, you are exactly where you need to be, wherever your counterpart is at in their journey is exactly where they need to be. Everything is always perfect, no matter how it looks or feels, it’s all just a matter of our perception and level of consciousness that we are operating from at any moment. As this path is not a straight line, it’s an ongoing spiral with great depth and soul advancement to be able to take us to the place and become the person we really are and live from that highest soul expression.

Written by Alisha Braché

5D Pregnancy, Conception & Birth ~ Evolution & Ancient way returning.

What I refer to as a high vibrational or 5D pregnancy is a term to describe what is part of the evolution of humanity. It’s the evolution of bring higher vibration children onto Earth as this process is very different to what we have known in the 3D sense, from what I have witnessed has only started to come about in recent years and the further we move along this process of Ascension there are many more women starting to go through this experience, which can be very confusing, especially to the rational mind as it completely changes everything we thought we knew about conception and pregnancy within the old 3D paradigm.

After doing much research on this topic trying to better understand my own journey and what to expect along the way. What I found more insightful is what is shown to me during my energy sessions with other women going through this experience.

Quite often what I see in sessions with women going through this process in varying stages; is their Higher Self holding and nurturing a child or pregnant with their child on this higher dimension of 5D. The Higher Self is the custodian of that child and what happens is these children are fully multidimensional so they have the capacity to bring their energy field into the mother’s physical body and go out depending on the level of frequency the mother is holding at the time. Therefore keeping this in mind, it’s quite a process rather an a 9-month gestation period.

So what occurs is as this child’s energy is much higher vibrational, its energy is in alignment with our Higher Selves, not our physical 3D self it allows an option of the Ascension pathway for some. So for those who have chosen this type of Ascension what happens is as we go through a process energetically that has to raise and match the vibration of that child/children that are coming through. Not only does it require the physical body, energy bodies to go through this massive process of higher self and child integration into the physical. Everything in the environment has to change as well, to be able to bring and birth these children into this physical reality.

Now having said that, I don’t think that every person going through this process will experience going through and bringing forth and birth a physical child, it is whatever your soul has agreed to. The only person who would know the answer to that is your own higher truth and higher self. So please while reading this just like any material keep your own discernment on what is true for you.

In most cases, these children come through a Divine Partnership connection between two souls who share the same vibrational frequency and their personal energy signature is aligned with the higher dimensional aspect as it’s coded in their soul imprint or memory the ‘ancient way’ of birthing new life, in saying this what I mean is that they have gone through this process before either on older Earth civilisations such as Lemuria or on a different planet which is 5th Dimensional.

This could be looked at as a Twin Flame/Soul Starseed process as this process is different in these higher dimensional civilisations where the Lightbody is active and not a dense physical form as we have in 3D Earth. So from that perspective, as we are shifting through the ages as everything transforms makes perfect sense that the process of conception, pregnancy and birthing children would also evolve to match this new 5D earth that is emerging.

The process really begins before we are consciously aware and this can begin with signs, synchronicities, dreams and information which starts to filter down into our awareness. For me, this started in my childhood, having multidimensional experiences with galactic beings, out-of-body experiences, and having my energy body worked and adjusted as far back as I can remember. So from a young age, I was very widely exposed to many topics on spiritual and cosmic connections and it was very normal for me, to be in a family and environment that was very open and supportive around these things, so I can see so many aspects were seeded into my consciousness or kept open from a young age.

As I look back over my own journey I can see how preparation was happening for most of my life. What started with reoccurring dreams for about 10 years of pregnancy and being confused about how I had conceived, at the time I only ever took it as a symbolic message rather than a literal one. Those dreams transformed into dreaming of connecting with my counterpart and giving me messages about how and where to find him. And the quest began, I spent years travelling around the globe following the signposts that I knew would inevitably lead me to my soul counterpart not straight away, it was one massive journey that took me to many sacred sites on the planet, once again looking back I can also see how this too was part of the preparation and the bigger picture unfolding. Each continent, each country, each city, each encounter was helping retrieve soul aspect and memory and each step would give me the next step to follow.

After we found each other again in the physical the next phase of the journey began, the cosmic dance as I like to call it. From one side of the planet to the other, back and forth, highs and lows, confusion and clarity. What I didn’t notice too much was that each time we would come into contact, afterwards I would start feeling all the normal pregnancy symptoms, this would occur for a few weeks up to a few months and then just disappear. This happened over a number of years, and in all honesty, I never gave it a great deal of thought.

My focus on my life mission would come in and out focus as many of us go through the process of trying to balance the higher dimensional aspect of our consciousness and also still live within the 3D world experience. Until the time came that I was being called to my higher purpose, this is when everything started to accelerate with such swift velocity. A Kundalini awakening then proceeded by very constant and conscious contact with many light beings mainly my Arcturian star family. Very vivid dreams of children, my children connecting with me, my divine counterpart showing me through dream state what was about to come through our co-creation. Dreams of being pregnant, being in types of medical or hospital facilities, and so many vivid experiences in my dream state that I was bombarded nightly, I could no longer not pay attention to what was occurring.

In the height of so much occurring all at once, the conception was formalised through interdimensional process of energy merging between me and my counterpart, no intimate contact, yet it was a heightened state of bliss, as I have heard many women speak of experiencing at the exact point of conception. Yet my process is what some would call a light conception. It took me a few days to grasp what was happening yet I knew straight away that something had changed within my body.

As a side note, these things were nothing I knew about, I had no point of reference that this was at all possible only the old story through the bible which I had never read. I began to search, research, and try to understand. Only to find that these things actually do occur, have been occurring and that so many women have experienced this in so many facets, throughout the ages and many more in the current day. I will leave all the details for a later time, yet what I will say is that it’s so much more common than anyone could ever imagine, yet it is completely not spoken about. Because of the ‘crazy factor.’ I have had countless conversations with women all over the world who have conceived interdimensionally, parthenogenetically, and galactically.

Had nine-month gestations, years of gestation, less than nine-month gestations. Women who have birthed beautiful evolved babies into the world, women who have birthed astrally (no physical child) women who have energetically birthed themselves, and women who have Hybrid children who are living on space crafts until the time and energy are right for them to integrate living on Earth.

As a brief summary you can see that from not only my personal experience, but my work and my research, absolutely nothing is deemed impossible, it’s all part of the new paradigm which is emerging before our very eyes. And it gives me no greater inspiration and excitement to see how this new earth and new world is evolving so rapidly and the amazing children who are coming through to assist this transition with us to help humanity evolve, not only through their presence but in the way that it’s also changing the lives of the women and their partners who are going through this transformation together.

This of course does not happen without challenges; I can tell you from first-hand experience that this is the most in-depth transformational experience. For many women, it’s terrifying for many reasons and can create much trauma, confusion and ridicule especially when spoken about. In my quiet moment of reflection I think that my soul was incredibly ambitious to go through Ascension this way to be in a physical separation of my beloved, the ascension process, collective clearing and purging and a pregnancy process that I didn’t fully understand not to mention the 3D challenges of basic survival need and trying to explain to my loved ones what’s going on.

I’ll be honest there were many times that I wanted to give up and completely abort the mission, and go home. Yet the life that was growing inside me was the only thing that kept me here. In the midst of despair, I pleaded with the universe to take me and if not at least explain to me why I had to go through all of this and all these experiences.

The next morning I woke up to a very clear message, it was part of my mission to go through and experience each aspect of what was possible in a 5D pregnancy so that I could see the bigger picture, connect the dots and help assist more people going through this and then when the time comes to put my information out into the world so that in the future other women wouldn’t have to experience the confusion, suffering and alienation that I encountered along the way. And from that moment things changed, I found a sense of purpose in the madness of it all.

I waited a very long time to write this as I knew that the world wasn’t quite ready, and I too wasn’t quite ready. To be so open and vulnerable to share aspects of my story and also have my name connected to it. Yet I felt the call that now is the time, as so many other women seem to be embarking on a similar journey or have been for quite some time like I have to start putting out the awareness into the collective field.

I have been very diligently and quietly for the most part connected to and supporting women all over the globe going through various stages of this process and it fills my heart with joy to be able to impart the knowledge and wisdom that I have gone through and still learning every day about this process and what I believe will become the new way of bringing life through into our new world.

As always sending much love to you all and a special love and gratitude to all the mothers and partners going through this very sacred passage into building a new template for relationships and family.

Written by: Alisha Braché