Welcome to August Tribe of Light! HARMONISING

There is so much to be said about this month being one of the most transformative phases of 2017!

Astrologically we have 5 planets in retrograde (Neptune, Saturn, Chiron, Pluto & Uranus) in that combo we also have two Eclipse one on this upcoming Full Moon 7/8 August depending where you are in the world and another Eclipse which will take place on 21 August. And in the middle of all of that we have the Lion’s Gate 8/8 which is aligning The Planet of Sirius, the Sun & Earth’s Field.

I have been seeing this with my readings for the past few months that August is massive energies which allows us to move forward with great velocity individually and collectively. And is there any wonder with all the activity happening in our skies.

Energetically what a mixed bag it has been over the past week, some incredible high frequency days full of positivity & inspiration followed by days of lows to help integrate the high energy which is coming in and triggering our energy bodies to full wake up and come online. These high frequency which have been coming in on full throttle which is really assisting with the awakening and healing process on the planet right now.

Over the past few weeks the Ascension symptoms which I have been very present for many is the Crown and Third Eye Headaches – As the influx of Solar Activity has been stirring up and opening up our higher minds and higher levels of consciousness for own development and that for humanity, As our Third Eyes & Crowns open and get stimulated by this big wave of energy which opened up at the end of July will continue throughout the month of August.  We can feel Strong Headaches, Flu symptoms especially in the sinuses and also our vison can be distorted, blurry and hard to adjust. Our minds and thought patterns can move swiftly from expanded thinking back to our limited condition way of thinking as we are removing the layers of our mental conditional programing.

Feeling lightheaded and floaty has also been very present and will continue as we are accessing higher levels of our own expanded consciousness we can feel out of place with our physical surroundings at times, when this happens it so important to ground yourself and anchor in these high energy, some of the best ways to do that are to go out and spend some time in nature or if that is not possible visualise your legs becoming tree trunks and ground your energies deep within the Earth.

I was shown yesterday morning that there is a very quick Karmic Clearing happening now for some leading up this Full Moon it will be very sudden and quick almost like ripping off a Band-Aid this also helps clearing the Karma on the collective level so many will participate in the transmuting of this energy in time for the Solar Eclipse towards the end of the month. Some of the Karmic ties and timelines go very deep within the heart of the collective stemming back to the fall of many great civilisations here on Earth so those who were a part of the rise and fall of times like Lemuira, Atlantis & Egypt are coming up for final review. If you are part of this transmuting and releasing it can be very heavy and painful at times, however just know that it’s part of something so much greater as we are steadily brining those timelines to a close. This is a critical phase in Gaia’s ascension passage and just in time to bring in the new Era.

How to best transmute these Energies if they arise – keep the energy moving as best you can, walk, sing, dance, create music and art – Energy which is stored within our cellular memories needs to move up and outward so by moving through it can be the best way to release it. Work through the energy body by doing meditation or participating in Energy Healing is also a great way to move these energies through. Imagine a vacuum coming down from the universe to the top of your head and pulling these energies through your body and out.

Twin Flames:

The message which has been very strong is the Harmonising between twins preparing for physical re-union is happening with their Energy bodies right now as we move through into Lion’s Gate 8/8 as the portal has already opened and we are already aligning with this energy wave.

What is happening is that as we are coming closer our energy bodies are aligning with each other and also with Earth’s Alignment. Imagine two energy bodies facing one another being magnetically pull towards each other as each increment closer we become more in alignment and in resonance with one another. Over the past week I have been show there has been alignment with the higher chakras within each Twin Pair as they are harmonising their frequencies which restructures their lower chakras to become a different frequency too.

Therefore whatever emotions, old patterns, out dated programing isn’t in alignment with this harmonising of the energy bodies is coming up quick and fast to be transformed as it is not possible to carried into the union.

If you have been feeling this just know that no matter how uncomfortable it may be it’s all for the highest good. Be the observer of this process and do what is necessary to transmute this energy which is arising in that moment. Also you may be in tune between what’s being released from your energy body and from your beloveds know it just works as a whole so if you have the insights and the energy tools to release this then help the other out but applying the tools and wisdom that you know works well, which you have learnt throughout your journey. If your need further assistance with this process I do offer Divine Partnership Alignment Sessions: https://www.cosmicg8way.com/services/twin-flame-energy-alignment-sessions

Those who are on the Divine Partnership journey who are aligned with sacred unions for 2017 to assist with the Planetary Ascension are currently in the Energy Harmonising and balance phase. After we past Solstice and the Twin Flames Grids being completed, that then was the beginning of the “Roll out phase” since then so many beautiful partnerships have come together in stabilising their unions and there will be many more to come throughout the rest of this year, as it is critical for helping anchor the higher light of unconditional love back on the planet.  So if you have been feeling it coming you can definitely trust on what you’re sensing and keep your energy in Alignment with your Twin.

Keep in mind that this is much bigger than just each individual union and very much part of the larger Divine Plan unrolling to restore the balance of peace, harmony and unconditional love on the Planet. So important to stay out of fear and judgement if these feelings arise be sure to clear them from your energy space and remember this was already an agreement you made way before this incarnation. So hold peace and love in your heart and always the divine timing.

With these words I would like to express the enormous gratitude that I feel for all of you who have done so much incredible work over these past few years with the clearing, purging and transmuting all these lower level energies and restoring the balance and higher light in to our beloved planet. At times it feels as though it’s never ending and also at times we feel like aborting the ‘mission’ yet let me reassure you that we have come such a long way and we are so close now, so close in fact can almost feel the celebration in the air.

So allow the beauty of August energies to work with you and capture the joy, the inspiration, the creativity and abundance which is here now for all of us.

Written by Alisha Braché