Ascension is a term that many are familiar with and some not so familiar. Recently I have been asked to write about it, breaking it down in a simplistic way so that it’s easier for more people to understand why they are experiencing so much dramatic change within their personal life and how that correlates to what we are witnessing on a global scale.

I will be going over what it means, what it looks like, what we experience and why. This topic is so vast I have decided to break it down into three parts:

Part one: What is Ascension? History overview – in preparation for NOW

Part two: Personal Ascension individually – overview of the process

Part three: Planetary Ascension for Earth – how it connects

Part one:

So the first part would be what is Ascension? It’s a process of obtaining Enlightenment in the Buddhist philosophy or being the Christed Self in Christianity. The foundations of what most religions have been built upon, yet it has very little to do with the teachings of religions as how most of them present in current day.

In the past there were the selected few, who would go through this process and teach the way, and over the years those teachings had become distorted and dismantled and misinterpreted as Humanity made it’s way through the darker ages of being in a ‘Soul sleepended state’ forgetting “Who we are” and that we all share that spark of infinite creator/source within each and everyone of us!

Now what we are witnessing is that many of us are being awoken to this truth and remembering who we are from a soul level. Why we chose to come here during this amazing time of Planetary Evolution! Remembering why we chose to come here and what our role is in this process. Everyone at their own pace in their own timeframe and their individual ways.

As more people ‘come online’ as I like to call it, it sparks a wave to others which assists them through their awakening journey, more people are assisting as we’re also connecting in with Earth transforming Evolution. What some call the “Spiritual Revolution” is happening now for Humanity. That process is happening now at such a rapid rate for so many souls here on Earth who have chosen to come here during this time where Earth would also go through her Ascension process.

Part two:

Each individual’s Ascension is a process of Self Mastery, fully embodying the Higher Self into the physical body. Becoming that master over the mind, over the emotions and the body. To BE that full embodiment of our highest SOUL expression.

Through my own experience and level of understanding is starting off with the awareness, higher level of consciousness ~ Even though I had always been very open and spiritual since childhood, the biggest shift for me was when I ‘popped’ my pineal gland which triggered a kundalini awakening (this was the fourth in a sequence which spanned over a decade.)

Quite literally I heard something ‘pop’ in my head which sounded almost like a gunshot going off inside my brain. It was extreme and rapid – however exactly as my soul had planned it!

It was instantaneous. All my psychic senses enhanced just like the dial had been turned up to the maximum and my conscious awareness become completely multidimensional.

I have absolutely no doubt, I wouldn’t have been able to handle that without the proper training I had done throughout my life ~ through the various psychic/spiritual/personal development which had been at the forefront of my life’s journey.

In actual fact this had happened before in my younger years so I had already had a taste (not to this degree) yet understanding of what this was like. During those times I was under the care of a spiritual teacher, who knew I wasn’t ready for such rapid expansion and was able to close down my senses.

So it starts with obtaining a higher level of awareness/consciousness or what some would call 5th dimensional consciousness. We have all already predetermined what our “Wake up Alarm clock” looks like before we come into this physical incarnation. We have already designed it. Absolutely nothing of this scale ‘happens’ by chance.

Yet the process is different for each individual and can happen in a variety of ways; nobody’s blueprint design is the same.

Some examples of what might occur, but absolutely not limited to;
Intense grief,  pain and suffering, near death experience (NDE), Kundalini awakening, meditation and devoted practice, connection with Divine Partner (Twin Flame/Soul.)

Connection or visitation of Angelic Beings or Galactic Beings. Through the death of a loved one. An out of body experience (OBE), etc.

However YOU have chosen to experience this awakening of self. Through my life I have gone through all these experiences and more…

To generalise it’s something that happens in your life, which comes in and makes you question EVERYTHING you thought you believed being ‘truth.’ Once this awareness has shifted from our lower EGOIC state of mind to our higher mind. We begin to have not only a greater awareness of ourselves, but we also have that heightened state of interconnectedness. Things start to become much clearer as we view things in a whole different way. The old ways we thought and how we lived our lives no longer make sense and there is no turning back, we simply cannot go back to living unconsciously.

Once higher mind/consciousness has set the precedent for a new level of awareness our sensitivity enhances; our sense become heightened to sound, smell, light, and most importantly ENERGY. We feel and experience everything from a whole new level, like experiencing life through High Definition.

As our personal sensitivity enhances we become more connected to other people and places, more specifically we start connecting through the energy fields more than physical.  We can feel others through this deeper connection and we can tune in with other people either through contact with them or even just thinking of another person. We can feel their emotions, pick up on their thoughts (telepathy enhances) and even feel physical imbalances and discomfort that the other person may be experiencing.

From this point of higher consciousness our Energy bodies must align and match our new level of consciousness – So the process begins… This brings on a massive amount of releasing through our thoughts and emotions while our bodies too have to re-wire as our DNA starts to upgrade. This is where we come to what I call the life/lives review – absolutely everything comes up for evaluation and nothing gets left undone. This is when the point of obtaining self-mastery comes into practice and we consciously work through our Personal Ascension process… We are learning new ways of living, BEing and living as awakened fully conscious beings

So let’s break this part down…

Emotions: We start to have massive amounts of emotions which come to the surface, anything which has hurt us, shamed us, or made us feel emotional pain starts to rise up and we feel it as it starts to release from the body. Anything which sits on the lower end of the emotional scale – Fear, Shame, Guilt, Depression, Anxiety, Resentment, Anger, Frustration, Loneliness – All these lower level emotions are no longer in alignment with our new higher perspective so they have to release out of the energy body… The way it was shown to me was all accumulated experiences which we go through from conception/birth in this lifetime and all other Earth incarnations we hold as an energy imprint in the body. As we go through our Ascension process we shed all these energy patterns so as they are releasing bit by bit (Generally triggered by external situations where we have a personal crisis) we can release and transmute it out of our body. This is where we become the master around our emotions…

Mental: Negative thought patterns heighten, all lower thinking and our conditioning and programming comes up for evaluation. Sometimes it feels as though it literally needs to be worked through by thinking it out of our headspace. These are the days where our EGO mind runs the show – it feels like it’s out of control. Lots of old thought patterns of how we have been lead to believe raise to the surface, these are the old limited and conditional patterns that lead us to believe that we are much less than we really are. This is our Mental body clearing out literally eon’s of mental programming which is stored in our energy – once again everything comes up so that we can see through the illusion of it and let it GO! This is where we obtain mastery over our thoughts.

Body: The body is one of the biggest phases – Our bodies are literally changing atomic structure – from what was once carbon based to a new crystalline structure. Our bodies are filtering in more high frequencies of light and as they do all our cells, bones, organs – every part of us goes through a recalibration one aspect at a time. What we experience:

  • Aches & pains in joints and muscles

  • Vertigo – feeling floaty and off balance (this is when our lightbody is starting to power up and activating)

  • High pitched ringing in the ears or ears being blocked (we are adjusting to new ways of hearing)

  • Flu Symptoms – bodies releasing, physically flushing out

  • Long periods of needing to sleep and rest

  • Routine changes as we adapt to a new ways of living from honouring our bodies need for rest. And also experiencing periods of high energy ~ inspiration/motivation as we learn to go with our own rhythm and flow

  • Loss of memory – time distortions (time feels as though it speeds up and slows down) as we move out of living linear time

  • Change in food intake ~ periods of needing high vibratory foods (raw/vegan/vegetarian) and then periods of needing more dense heavy foods (grounding foods/sweet craving/junky foods) this is where intuitive eating comes into play and listening to what your body is asking for and not placing judgement – everything in moderation. Along with this we will have times not having interest in food and times of intense hunger)

As the body can take the longest to adjust we really need to have a great deal of patience with ourselves and honouring our body and what it needs day-to-day as this is the process where we become the master over our bodies and new ways of living.

DNA: Genetic recoding of our DNA – which holds our ancestral linage – Our two commonly known strands of DNA hold the ‘cellular memory’ of our ancestors as a genetic imprint of the lives, experiences and traumas which they went through. As we go through our Ascension process we start releasing and transforming it out of the body. On a soul level we agreed certain templates to bring into this life so that we could shift it so that these genetic codes can be released from the collective grids and also that we no longer pass them onto our next generation. They can come into the world without the heaviness. It’s always been fascinating to me as I had chosen such a mix of genetics – going back through lineages both mother and father’s sides quite a unique blend European & Asian cultures. What has been most interesting for myself is looking at the patterns of what my ancestors experienced generation after generation. As It echoed through aspects of my experience so that I could bring that to the forefront of my transformation process. As we unlock and transform this we allow the space to recode our DNA which brings forth the opportunity to activate the other strands which are part of our multidimensional self, encoded through our energy body. As new light enters the body it changes our DNA which in essence holds important keys through our Ascension process.

Spiritual & Lifestyle:

  • High level of synchronicity start to unfold in our lives

  • People places and things move out of our experience quickly as our frequency changes – Loss of friends, jobs, house, move of residence country etc.(this happens to make room for more supportive connections and fulfilling employment etc)

  • Our focus starts to move into different directions, what interest we had before in the external world become meaningless and no longer of interest – as we place more of a focus on what’s happening within our internal world, what makes us feel good, what sparks that light within our soul that we feel drawn to do.

  • Much more of a focus becomes on what we ‘feel’ we should so, rather than what we ‘think’ we should do, as we are much more in tune with our intuition and internal guidance.

  • Feeling the necessity to spend more time in nature and connect with the natural world and much less time in busy places such as shopping centres and crowded cities.

  • Connecting more with like minded people who share common interests and experiences feeling the instant recognition with these people as though we have known them for eons

At times it can be a very confusing process – as we are in that state of transition ~ we still flip from using our lower mind (EGO/Logic) to look out at a world that no longer makes any sense and then we view from our higher mind where we can view things from the bigger picture and can clearly see that everything is in Divine Order.

Part three:

Keeping in our mind that we are all connected through energy through the one consciousness so quite often what we experience on a personal level is mirrored through what Earth is going through as we are so deeply interconnected.

As Earth’s energy is rapidly changing and moves into a higher octave of frequency, this is facilitated by the cosmic and gamma rays which are filtering into Earth’s sphere constantly joined with Earth moving through this highly energised place in the cosmos. It’s’ part of the Evolutionary cycle which has be prophesied for millennia – we are now in the witness seat and on the forefront of becoming that change.

Everything is energy and frequency as the planets shifts higher every inhabitant on earth, plant, animal and human go through shifting into a higher frequency too. Depending upon your own unique energy signature this unfolds for different people at different times if you’re naturally more sensitive to energy then no doubt you have been feeling these effects impacting you for a number of years, and others who hold greater density in their bodies are starting to feel these effects more recently as this year in particular has been far more intense than any year before and will continue to amplify until we move through the critical tipping point.

For some people who are deeply connected to Earth’s energy can feel the changes happening on a global level, such as Earthquakes, Natural Disasters, Cosmic Energy shifts and Earth’s frequency changing and rising. This is felt through their body and emotions as Earth herself is going through deep purification and transformation. As we feel the deep connection to the collective consciousness field and working with that to assist with the transformation. Somedays can be very challenging as you feel the heaviness of the world; becoming more intune with this you start to realise that working through our inner transformation affects the whole. This is where each personal ascension process is very connected with Earth’s ascension process.

Imagine if you will Earth and every inhabitant working as one organism, one unified field ~ each energy shift and transformation that one person experiences creates ripple effects into the unified field and vice versa each time Earth goes through a shift this creates an effect to her inhabitants – this will be different for everyone based on their energy sensitivity and their role as some people have a soul agreement with Earth herself during this transitional phase to be in certain locations for period of time to work with her energy to raise and also with the collective energy grids around Earth’s sphere which supports this transition.

Through this process personally, collectively & universally – whatever isn’t in alignment with universal truth comes to light, truths become exposed and become uncovered so that change can come forward. And what is in the highest alignment for the ‘All’ and not just the individual comes forward, therefore moving through these changing and somewhat challenging times it’s best to keep the big picture in mind and in the centre of our hearts what is best for everyone. New ideas and new ways of living which are based on serving community and cooperation become supported so we can all work together.

Personal Ascension process is very directed into Earth’s Ascension as we are the co-creators of this NEW EARTH – many of us are strategically placed around Earth during this time to be pillars and anchors of new light and help spread it through each geographical location. Many Lightworkers, Starseeds, Twin Flames or whatever name you wished to go by, have already gone through Ascension in other lifetimes either here on Earth or on different Planets or (possibly both) in preparation for this time. Each person’s Higher Selves are guiding them through this journey as they start to remember this process and how to navigate through this experience. As they do they stand forward to guide and be the facilitator for others who are having this experience, and going through Ascension for the first time.

I went through the Kundalini Awakening on the 11.11 Gateway (2015) and the intensity of this journey begun. In all honesty in that moment all my 3D dreams were shattered – the ideas of living a ‘normal’ life with a ‘normal’ job, the white house & picket fence with the husband and raising a family, you know all the ‘normal’ things we are lead to believe we should do. Gone!

Why? Because I followed the calling, the calling which lead me knowing that a higher destiny was waiting, all those dreams are still very much valid just in very different ways than how I had pictured it. Nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared me for how the last few years have unfolded. However I wouldn’t change a thing. It has lead me to explore the deepest parts of myself to transform my life in every way possible and through that learn a whole new way to assist other people through their Ascension journey.

Written by Alisha Braché