Welcome to August Tribe of Light! HARMONISING There is so much to be said about this month being one of the most transformative phases of 2017! Astrologically we have 5 planets in retrograde (Neptune, Saturn, Chiron, Pluto & Uranus) in that combo we also have two...

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Ascension – Ancient Times vs Modern Day

In our history, the world has gone through many cycles of planetary Ascension and during those times the wisdom keepers and the ones who had the foresight and the knowledge knew that the change was coming. They also knew that moving into a higher level of existence...

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The Twin Flame Grids have now been completed!

I was awoken very early hours of the morning on June 13 2017, to hear “The Twin Flame Grids have now been completed!” I always pay attention when I hear something like this what seems to be out of nowhere. I had been guided for months to pay attention to this date...

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