Cosmic Gateway
By Alisha Braché

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Courses – Soul Journey – Sessions


 The courses available provide flexible self-paced learning modules that are taken from live sessions.

These courses equip you with the knowledge, practical tools, and techniques needed to comprehend your energy, enhance self-awareness, and clear blockages.

The courses are inspired to support your own personal Evolution Soul Journey & to enhance your Divine Soul Connection(s).
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Soul Journey

Soul Journey’s are individual theme based group sessions hosted online. 

Each soul Journey provides, information, energy updates, a guided process for clearing and activation.

This is set with a community forum to share connect & learn from each other.
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Individual or Partnership sessions cover a wide range of topics, including soul reading, energy alignment, intuitive mentoring, 5D pregnancy, soul retrieval, ancestral healing, energy clearing, and soul integration.

It involves connecting with your energy field, removing blocks, and addressing themes like life purpose, awakening, fear, galactic connections, and spiritual growth.

Alisha facilitates energy adjustments to help you move forward on your soul aligned pathway.
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The ‘Cosmic Gateway’ represents the portal to elevated consciousness and the reawakening of the soul. It serves as a pathway to understanding who we are, our purpose for being here, and the active pursuit of fulfilling our mission in this reality.”


Soul Connections & Concious Relationships is the rapid pathway towards transformation & access of higher consciousness in this reality


Many highly evolved souls are choosing concious relationships to be berthed through at this time. This process is to facilitate both individuals & their relationship to rapidly transform so they can hold the frequency of their child. These children impact the shift of conciousness on the planet. As this sacred pathway opens up souls remember ancient ways of concious conception, pregnancy & birth


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Alisha Braché:
Intuitive Soul Reader, Energy Practitioner, Ascension & Divine Partnership Guide, Teacher & Writer

Alisha Braché is the creator of Cosmic Gateway and New Earth Children. She has dedicated her life to her soul’s path from a very young age, working diligently to refine her Psychic, Intuitive, and energy abilities. Her mission is to assist others in finding their path and gaining a deeper understanding of their soul’s journey.

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